NVIDIA Dual-Core Blowout: 5 Androids, 10 Cores, 1 Contest [PART 1]


I teased you on Friday about a contest and here I am to fulfill my promise of bestowing Android awesomeness upon our readers.

Saying mobile technology has surged over the past couple years would be a huge understatement. They say with great power comes great responsibility and our friends at NVIDIA have made it their responsibility to equip some of the world’s top Android devices with processors that make this newfound power possible.

One of the top specs to consider when purchasing a smartphone is the processor and NVIDIA’s dual-core Tegra 2 processors pretty much ensure a blazing fast user experience. It’s like having two engines running in your car instead of one. Not only does it improve top speed, but because the heavy lifting is balanced across two engines/cores, you don’t waste as much fuel by flooring it. With phones of course, battery power is your fuel and it’s something we all covet, so getting better performance AND better battery life is a blessing.

We’ve got FIVE Android Devices – all powered by NVIDIA’s Dual-Core Tegra 2 processor – and we’re giving them all away to you, our loyal readers. In no particular order:

  • Motorola Droid X2
  • ASUS EEE Transformer
  • T-Mobile G-Slate
  • T-Mobile G2X (aka Optimus 2X)
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

We’ll be giving each one of these devices away, one per week for the next 5 weeks.

This week we’re giving away the Motorola Droid X2!

Simply leave a comment on this post by Thursday, July 14th at 11:59PM Eastern Time. Make sure your comment is tied to an account with an e-mail address or some way of getting in touch with you… otherwise we’ll have no way to contact you and will have to randomly select a different winner.

You may only comment ONCE. Anyone who leaves multiple comments, either with the same account or multiple accounts, will be automatically disqualified and we reserve the right to disqualify anyone at our sole discretion.

Will be notified on Friday, July 15th by E-Mail.

On Monday, July 18th we’ll be giving away one of the remaining Dual-Core Android Beasts. Which one? How can you win? Those questions will go unanswered until the 18th rolls around. For now, see if you can’t snap up the Droid X2 and keep your eyes glued to Phandroid every Monday (and all the other days too, of course)!


Rob Jackson
I'm an Android and Tech lover, but first and foremost I consider myself a creative thinker and entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for ideas of all sizes. I'm a sports lover who cheers for the Orange (College), Ravens (NFL), (Orioles), and Yankees (long story). I live in Baltimore and wear it on my sleeve, with an Under Armour logo. I also love traveling... where do you want to go?

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  1. Crossing fingers and praying! By the way, I’m CJ100570 in the forums just in case my Disqus ID isn’t associated with an email address you have access too.

  2. Yea boi!

  3. I’ll take it! Thanks!

  4. Commented!

  5. Please let it be me

  6. Please let me win…!!!

  7. Pick me, pick me!!!

  8. pick me, pick me!!!!

  9. WANT

  10. Wow… 10 comments in the time it took me to log in… insane :)

  11. …………..…………..„–~~”””¯¯¯””~~-„……………………………………………..
    ………………/;;;;;;|::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::……………… ………………………
    ……………./”~,;;/:::::::/¯¯¯¯¯’:::::::::::/’¯¯¯¯’……HOPE I WIN!
    ……………. º: ¯:::::::: . . • . ,/::::::::::„ . • . ,/……THX PANDROID……………
    ……..,-“;:; .,::::::::::::::::::::::::’„_¯¯¯„-“:::::::::::::/…………………………………
    ….„~”;:;:;:;, .”~„::::::::::::::::::::::::¯¯¯:::::::::::::,-“;………………………………..
    .,~”;:;:;:;;:;:;:”-, . “~–„:::::::::::::~–„„___„„~”::::„-‘ . |;:'”~-„…………………………
    “;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;”-, . . .”~~—„„„„_______„„„–~” . ./ |;:;:’;:;”-,………………………
    ;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;____;:;”-, ~-„ . . . . . . . . /;;;;;’, . . .,/ . |;:,~”;:;:;”-,…………………….
    ;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;/;:;:;:;”~, “~-„_ . . . /„;;;;;;;/”-„~” . . |;:;”~„;:;:;:;’…………………..
    ;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:/;:;:;:;:;:;:”~„ . .¯”~-‘ . “~,;;;’ . . . . .|;:;:;:;|;:;:;:;:;’………………..
    ;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;”~–„;:;:;:;:;:”~„ . . . . . .|;;;;;;’ . . . |;:;:;:;/;:;:”~,;:;:………………
    ;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:”~–„;:;:;:;:”~„ . . . |;;;;;;;;’, . .|;:;:;:/;:;:;:;:;’;:;:……………..
    ;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:”~-„;:;:;:”~„ .|;;;;;;;;;;;”~,|;:;:;/;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:……………

  12. Woohoo!
    Go Phandroid, gimme the Droid! :D

    1. definitely:)

  13. Evo still kicking fast, but dual core would be nice:)

  14. I hope to win!

  15. hello. this would be just fine.

  16. I will take any of those!

  17. Good Luck everyone :o

  18. Good luck to all the other entrants – I’ll also have my fingers crossed!

    Edit: for whatever reason, the link from my name isn’t bringing up my Google profile, so I’m webeougher in the forums and my forum name at is my email.

  19. Send it my way!

  20. I guess if I win I will be forced into stupid Verizon’s tiered plans…UGH!

  21. thanks for the opportunity to make this baby mine.

  22. I would love to have a dual core phone, free would make it even better.

  23. Always enjoy a good contest!

  24. I’m totally in for this :)
    knoctsec at gmail dot com is where you send the winning notification :D

  25. This would be awesome! Great contest!

  26. Dual Core madness, need to win one of these as have ages left on my desire contract!

  27. :)

  28. In for the win for a cool phone to get me off my current OG Droid!

  29. I would not mind having one of those.

  30. …waiting till Friday.

  31. C’mon!

  32. Wanna win me a droid x2.

  33. Cool… Wanna get dis Moto Beast… :)

  34. This is the best site for Android news!

  35. Any of these would be awesome to have!

  36. *I wish upon a star!*

  37. Androidify me please!

  38. yes!!

  39. i never win any of these

  40. Holla!

  41. Pick me, pick me!

  42. hmm…it IS my birthday on the 14th:-)

  43. I wouldn’t mind an extra phone!

  44. I would love some epic win!

  45. The only think I find lacking in my Droid X is the dual-core awesomeness. This would just complete me!

  46. I’ll take one, er, two!

  47. Let’s say someone wins a Droid X2, but on a different carrier. What could we do with this device besides sell it on eBay/CL?

  48. Sweet, always up for winning a device.

  49. Man I hope I win once.

  50. I would love to win a tablet!

  51. Can I get a Hell yes….I WANT

  52. I would love this to replace my OG droid

  53. Sounds good to me.

  54. Luck come to me!!

  55. Would Love to Win

  56. Free is hard to argue!

  57. GeForce!

  58. nice contest

  59. I would LOVE one of these devices, especially one of the phones. Mine is falling apart :(

  60. So we just leave a comment huh? Here it is!

  61. This is so awesome. You guys are the best!

  62. thank you for the chance

  63. hoping i win!!

  64. Wooohooo, a DROID X2, fumanchu!

  65. Excellent. Cheers!

  66. Post. Odds are better than Powerball, right? Looking to add a dual-core android device to my lineup!

  67. oh snap, free dual core devices~!

  68. Send that winner my way!!! [email protected]

  69. A comment

  70. I’m going to be checking my e-mail religiously!

  71. Finally I can upgrade from my stupid Epic with no CM!!!

  72. winner, winner, chicken dinner.

  73. OOh Please I need a new droid so bad

  74. In for win…?

  75. Good Luck with the competition, this is my entry! :)

  76. Oooh, pick me! My forum id is ‘rfkrocktk’ if you can’t find my email address from my Disqus account.

  77. Thanks for hosting another awesome contest! :)

  78. i ♥ free stuff!

  79. I have an original Droid now, my wife has a DroidX, and I want to one-up her with a DroidX2! Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. I never win anything but I’m in

  81. Would love to win ANY Tegra 2 device. nVidia rocks!!!

  82. While I don’t mind having them all, one I guess is good enough for me.

  83. Please, and thank you!

  84. I’d love to have this phone, if nothing else that to shut up the haters. It’s got so much going for it, and with a little tweaking is the best on Verizon’t lineup right now!

  85. ME!

  86. fingers crossed

  87. Need some new love this week, I am on the fence about selling my Nexus One with both docks. This may push me over.

    BTW, if you want a Nexus One with a car and desktop dock for a reasonable price, let me know ;)

  88. This is a comment. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

  89. I would love a new dual core phone!!!

  90. Would love to try out a dual-core phone!

  91. This would be excellent!

  92. Sounds friggin’ amazing!

  93. Be a man. Do the right thing. Hand it over!

  94. In for a penny in for a pound!

  95. Thanks for hosting an awesome contest!

  96. As if i dont read this sight enough, now I have to refresh my email and this website, rapid fire. WOOOOOOOOOOOO

  97. Awesome I would love one……

  98. ooh pick me!

  99. You guys rock, I would love to win ;)

  100. Best. Prize. Ever.

  101. Seems easy enough, and a DX2 would be pretty sweet!

  102. Could this be the Droid i’m looking for?

  103. Those are some really cool devices …. THANKS NVIDIA

  104. Go android!

  105. w00t! :D

  106. I’m in – feel the wave

  107. A new reason to actually look at the subject lines in the emails I receive…

  108. I would love a new nvidia dual core monster to better read my favorite website. Phandroid rules!

    Please pick me. [email protected]

  109. Woohoo! Faithful reader as this is on my launch screen on Opera on my phone checking it daily, this was a good way to get me to finally comment instead of lurking though!

  110. I would love to win my og Droid got ran over when I was 4 wheeling and the screen is busted

  111. Just hoping to win something. Can’t wait till the tablet are up for grabs :)

  112. this is awesome, count me in.

  113. I wouldn’t mind winning. Yep.

  114. weeeee. dual core dual core!

  115. I would love to get my hands on this device :)

  116. Couldn’t have come at a better time. I’m in dire need of an upgrade.

  117. I would like one of the prizes!

  118. lets go dual core

  119. Me me me!

  120. I want it!

  121. In it to win it!

  122. Freaking awesome, hope I win

  123. I just don’t want any of these devices…. i NEED an android device. This is finally my chance to win something for the past 2 years since i joined the android community.

  124. give me!

  125. Oh my, you guys/gals have outdone yourselves this time Phandroid. Good work! I’d love a shot at this bad boy seeing as my wife is always takes my droid due to her crappy iphone always locking up. Good luck everyone!

    [email protected]

  126. Edit: unintentional double post

  127. You can send it my way!

  128. Would Love a new phone. Enjoy it, whoever ends up with that motorola.

  129. Right over here!

  130. Oh man winning a Tegra would be AWESOME!

  131. A new Droid X2 would be nice.

  132. ░░░░░░▄▄▄▄▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▄▄▄▄▄▄░░░░░░░


  133. *salivates*

  134. I was wondering when the contest would show up!! Glad to see it, I’ll be back next Monday too! And a hundred times between now and then! LOL

  135. Please please please

  136. If I won, I would give it to my wife so I could use her upgrade XD

  137. How now brown cow

  138. A Comment FTW

  139. I’ll take that baby off your hands for ya.

  140. Transformer please

  141. yummy!

  142. Tegra is this something you have always wanted!

  143. Here’s hoping this comments wins me a phone :)

  144. Chance to win an X2, I’m in

  145. Sure, I’ll take it.

  146. I’d love to win this!

  147. I hope I win, good luck to me. Forum ID: duke69111. Thanks Phandroid!

  148. I’m going to win!!!

  149. I would love a droid x2!

  150. I would love a new phone!

  151. Yes please! :)

  152. Been looking for a new phone and haven’t been able to settle, however, given this option I may find myself really liking a phone without a keyboard. Make my mind up for me? :)

  153. please and thank you!

  154. Free upgrade from my Droid X, yes please!

  155. Would love this phone. Pick me please! ;-)

  156. I’ve had a droid, Droid 2 and Droid X. I would love to try out the droid X2 to see how it compares.

  157. why not? A college student can take all the free technology he can get his hands on

  158. ..I’m your huckleberry..

  159. I want I want I want

  160. Hoping that I can get up in this. Would love to win.

  161. Have the DX now, would love the Dx2. Hope i win

  162. Whoo! I love contest giveaways! I hope I win ^^

  163. Nice contest. I’d like to replace my single core Droid X with the X2. Almost bought one! :p

  164. Wish me luck!

  165. Lets see how lucky I can get!

  166. Oh boy o boy o boy!

  167. I’m about due for an upgrade from my original Droid. Please give to me kthxbye

  168. Hope my email is linked properly!

  169. Probably not going to win, but its worth a shot! <3 Phandroid

  170. Oh yeah! Hook me up!

  171. here i go!

  172. OMG! Dual-Core androids! I need lol, my crappy dumb phone has run its course….

  173. I would like this thing.

  174. winning any of those would totally rock.

  175. Toss my hat in the ring for this one. Currently on a Droid X running the leaked Gingerbread build. Contemplating moving to an iPhone. Come on Phandroid, persuade me with a DX2! :)

  176. Let play toi… Hope i Will win :-) thks

  177. I love Android so much that I dont care which one I get :)

  178. Looks like an awesome phone!

  179. Hey I want Tegra Goodness

  180. My Nexus One IS starting to show its single-core age.

  181. I like 2…2…2 cores in one (device)!

  182. is the contest based on the most original comment because if so this isnt it

  183. just give it here. don’t say nothin.

  184. Bing

  185. Chicken Dinner?

  186. Got to have dual core!

  187. Phandroid Is the Best :->

  188. ohhhh Yeah… o/

  189. Very Cool!

  190. with everyone posting chances are slim…but would love a new samsung 10.1!!!! best tablet on the market!!!

  191. Would love an upgrade from the orig X

  192. I’d like to win pretty please.

  193. I would gladly take this and pass through my Dinc to one of my parents, who are hesitant to enter the smartphone arena.

  194. in for some dual core hot tits :)

  195. Love you Phandroid!! Dual-Core Yumm!!

  196. Nice looking, powerful and fast…. Tame the monster!

  197. Wouldn’t mind upgrading my phone..would be a perfect time actually. :)

  198. Hooray for Tegra 2!

  199. I wouldn’t mind a new phone, especially since I busted my beloved Nexus One.

  200. This would give me great happiness!

  201. Awesome contests.. Thanx Phandroid

  202. Here’s another cheapo who would love to upgrade without paying the man! Thanks!

  203. Wow! Phandroid giveaways are the best!! Hopefully the dx2 can replace my og x!!

  204. Would love me some Dual-Core!!

  205. I’m interested in trying out this new dual core Motorola phone. Send it my way, please.

  206. winner winner, chicken dinner!

  207. What A beast! Let me tame it!

  208. I need a new phone!!

  209. I would love to win a free android device… Tegra 2 is quick and sweet. Please pick my submission for the contest.

    Thank you,

  210. Bump

  211. Anything would be an upgrade over my original Droid. I’m stuck with it until December because I had to use my upgrade to replace my wife’s smashed phone. Fingers crossed!

  212. yes please!

  213. I want it…

  214. Thanks for the opportunity.

  215. Good luck to everyone!

  216. Please pick me!

  217. Still happy with my Incredible but will gladly take an X2!

  218. that Galaxy Tab would be sweet!

  219. OH, pick me! pick me! pick me!

  220. Upgrade the X to an X2? Count me in.

  221. I. really. want. this. phone.

  222. Thanks for the contest!

  223. I’d like to win pretty please.

  224. Commenting on Phone Win

  225. I wouldn’t mind winning something ;)

  226. I’d rather have pretty much anything else on this list, but dual core is dual core

  227. I’m ready for a dual core upgrade!

  228. Thanks for the contests! Can’t wait for dual coreness

  229. Digital chocolate to you all.

  230. Well I’d sure love one of those beasts as well :)

  231. Oh surely count me in on free Androids!!

  232. I just crack my screen on my fascinate…..

  233. This is not the Droid X2 you’re looking for.

  234. Droid + Android + NVIDIA Dual-Core = Great Phone. Can’t wait for having it…..

  235. I would looove the tablet.

  236. I wiould love to have the Dx2.

  237. dont pick me dont pick me!!! wait…..

  238. Need the phone :)

  239. I really need something like that

  240. Oh, how I would love a new dual-core Android phone!!!! Love the Gingerbread!!!

  241. hello

  242. awesome!

  243. I WANNA X2!!! So much processor goodness!!! I can almost taste it…


  245. Would love to upgrade to 2 cores!

  246. Nothing beats free

  247. It’d be awesome to win one! Fingers crossed!

    Twitter: @The_Swiftman

  248. LETS GO!!! I need once of these bad boys so I can gloat on the Android Awesomeness to my friends with iPads!!!

  249. I want

  250. ME!

  251. Please n’ Thank you

  252. Sometimes I marvel at how the human race reacts to free stuff

  253. I’d love one of these devices

  254. Entry. Please! No upgrade til Jan! :-(

  255. Droid X2 GET!!!!

  256. I badly need a tablet. Thanks in advance :)

  257. Whether or not I win, Rob, you and Phandroid are the best!

  258. My OG droid is becoming very dated. Especially in comparison to the beautiful Droid X2. Due to my pockets being empty i cant afford a new phone even tho im due for an upgrade. Help a poor college student out!

  259. Yessss! :D I’d love one of these bad boys, amazing phones and tabs!!

  260. Thanks for this wonderful contest phandroid…….you simply rock!

  261. Awesome OS + Awesome processor = This is not your parents smart phone!

  262. This would make a great birthday present for my wife and a great way for her to take lots of pictures of our 8 month old twins!

  263. I would really love to win something, anything!

  264. Would love to be a winner.

  265. My D1 is dying a slow, painful death.

    Please hook me up, Rob!

  266. Phandroid Rocks! Thanks for the chance to win goodies!

  267. I have the Droid X1, now i would like the X2 please, thanks.

  268. Holy cow! How’d it feel to hold all of those devices! man that’s awesome, hope I win.

  269. I WON, didn’t I?!!!!!111

  270. I’m guessing this is US only as usual, but just in case, I’m leaving a comment.

    And this is that comment.

  271. comment.

  272. I Want I Want! ! ! ! ! ! Dual Core! 4.3″ Bright screen! Pick Me! Pick Me!! Pick Me!!!

  273. I wouldn’t be heartbroken to with the Droid X2!

  274. First time “commenter”. But I am a FullTime RSS feeder. You guys are awesome and my number one source for everything Android. Thanks for the opp to win. *update atlya02 on the forum

  275. I’ll just leave this here.

  276. Since this is something I don’t want, I figure I have a better chance of winning. Like the iPad I won, but had to be present to claim. Didn’t want, left early, win. At least I don’t need to be present this time.

  277. Enter me please!

  278. Man, I would sure like to try out a tegra powered phone. Pick me please!!!

  279. I’m throwing my hat in the ring.

  280. WANT. But i would prefer the Tab 10.1. Played w/one at best buy this weekend….smooth and sexy.

  281. i need a new phone

  282. I would LOVE to have an X2!

  283. Dual-Cores :)

  284. I sincerely hope I am selected – thank you for holding the contest! +1

  285. It’s my birthday on the closing date so I need a present!

  286. This would be a great upgrade from a D2

  287. They weren’t kidding about this contest. I am in !!

  288. Hoping to score this

  289. Phandroid is my first place I go for android news! I’m not just being a brown noser, seriously this is the best android site for news, tips, tricks, app reviews and phone reviews too!

  290. I hope that the universe looks kindly upon me.

  291. The Motorola X2 is a dual-core monster, I’d love to get my hands on one and push it to its absolute limits for some amazing android goodness!

  292. Phandroid: Thanks for the contests over the years, and more importantly, thank you for all the information and being one of the top Android info sites!

  293. Good luck to everyone but I’m going to win!

  294. I need it! Can you give it to me? please?

  295. The Galaxy 10.1 would be fantastic to own.

  296. Pysched about the contest! Good luck to all who enter! (but, I kinda hope it’s me that wins) lol

  297. I’d be up for a sweet phone. Thanks for running the contest and keep up the good work with the site!

  298. We all need Android

  299. Entered…… YAY!

  300. pick me pick me this would be a great post birthday gift :-D please please please!!!!!!!!!

  301. Phandroid is the Best!!!!

  302. Covet Covet covet

  303. Yes please.

  304. I would LOVE to have some X2 goodness! Have a DroidX now and love it! :)

  305. I would LOVE to win one of those fine tablets from Phandroid! ;-)

  306. has so much swag, I feel bad for the competition!

  307. is this contest available to canadian readers?

    Edit: I signed in with facebook. can you even see my email? you can add me as a friend on facebook when I win, I guess. =D

  308. I need some dual core lovin’.

  309. I’m in!!

  310. me Me ME!!!

  311. Pick me plz. :)

  312. Gotta Love Dual Cores!

  313. ZOMG! GX2!

  314. Um…..yes please!!! Phandroid rock!

  315. Awesome. This is, without a doubt, the most awesomestest (now a word ;) ) giveaway EVER! DROIDVIDIA :)

  316. I want multiple cores!

  317. Wow This would be amazing to win!! PLEASE PICK ME!!! My Email is [email protected] in case it isnt shown here!!!

  318. Took a while to get to the bottom! Sure why not!

  319. You know why i should win? i’m not trolling, just saying that AWESOME ends with ME!
    so yh i should win :) …PLLZZZZ

  320. Commented and entered.

  321. The X2 would be a perfect compliment to my Asus Transformer, both running Tegra 2! I would love to win it!

  322. I need a new device. My TBolt battery life sucks.

  323. Here goes nothing.

  324. Yes Please!

  325. I am folding the corners over so when someone else gets picked I will tag alone and have a 50/50 chance.

  326. I am still using my OG Droid… I need a new phone, please!!

  327. Comment

  328. I love these contests! :) ♥

  329. woot

  330. Count me in!

  331. I always come to phandroid for the latest in android news and hopefully within the next 5 weeks, it’ll pay off….. ;) fingers crossed

  332. I would really appreciate it if you would pick me, my wife as been using her iPhone since december and i have to get her off that stuff. Ive tried meetings, hiding the phone, even sold it once, and she was back on craigslist frantically searching for a new iPhone. Please, for the sake of her addiction, pick me

  333. Would love to win a new X2… My phone has a huge crack in it and have been waiting to get a new phone for the last 4 months. I prefer getting things for free so getting this would be prettttty awesome!

  334. I love my Incredible, but wouldn’t mind an upgrade to some new hotness.

  335. This would be awesome

  336. Woohoo!! Free stuff!!

  337. Help this Droid become an even bigger Phan!
    Thanks Phandroid your the best!!!!

  338. A try won’t hurt.

  339. ohh me me me me!

  340. I would love a new, high-powered Android device! Pick me please.

  341. Nice

  342. Thanks!

  343. Drooooiiiiiid

  344. winning one of these dual core beauties would be great! Thanks for putting this on Phandroid!

  345. This looks great, what an opportunity. I know my family would appreciate any one of these.

  346. Very nice selection of prizes. I could use the X2. My 3 year old always takes my X to play games on. She knows exactly what to do. Her favorite game is Plants VS Zombies even if she doesn’t quite get it right all the time.

  347. +1 – I guess I’ll try ;)

  348. loooks like some good prizes

  349. You see, Phandroid know’s how awesome sexy these phones are, and how anti-awesome sexy I am, so if I get one, I might, you know, have a chance with the ladies (Whipping out my dual core in the bars…that attracts them:P).

  350. Be just thing to replace my Droid Incredible!

  351. Please pick me! i love you long time!

  352. X2 pleeze! My D1 is ready for the cellular nursing home.

  353. Leaving Comment!

  354. Let me win this bad boyyyyyy!!!

  355. Go Phandroid!!! :D

  356. The Droid X2…pretty much my dream phone if I could get out of this damn contract I am already in..

  357. Count me in for the Tegra 2 sweeps!

  358. Dual core Tegra 2 in my pocket? Yes, please!

  359. Holy crap! looks like i have no chance of winning. There is already almost 400 posts, and the contest hasn’t even been up all that long.

  360. I’m Down.

  361. Man what I would do to have one of these beasts!

  362. Ummm… Yes.

  363. I can’t tell you how much I need a Dual-Core. I only get about 4 hours of battery life on my Incredible because I do everything on my Android. Crossing my fingers!

  364. Free is good

  365. Free is good

  366. My phone just died, I really need a replacement. This would be great.

  367. It took me about 20 minutes to leave this comment. Love this site, love all the contests. Love Android.

  368. This is probably the greatest idea ever…

  369. Thank you for the contest!

  370. woo dual core!

  371. Gotta be in to win

  372. Count me in ;]

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  374. This is a nice device, too bad it doesn’t have a large dev community.

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  376. Parapapapa.. I’m lovin’it!

  377. want the X2!

  378. I want a new phone. Done with Apple and iOS

  379. Let’s give it a try !

  380. Going to toss my name in the hat!

  381. Android is the wave of the future! Go go Google & the Android team!

  382. I could use an upgrade to my og DX.

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  385. Please bless me :D

  386. Phandroid ROCKS…

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  388. I’m down for most likely not winning free swag

  389. I’ll play and see if an android wants to come to me.

  390. I would love to win me a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 up here in Canada eh!!!

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  392. Thanks! i hope i win!

  393. It doesn’t hurt to try! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!!

  394. Sounds good to me!

  395. Holy Cow Droid Fans: A DX2 with an Dual Core Processor from the leading manufacturer of Video Cards…NVIDIA. Sign me up.

  396. Hope I can win! I’m also ryank007 in the forums.

  397. We’re in and will sing about it if we win

  398. I cannot wait to win this.

  399. I’m in

  400. Wow phandroid is stepping it up! Great job

  401. This is the best android site ever! I am sooo glad that I found you guys before I bought a Blackberry Storm a few years ago. You put me on the trail of the OG Droid, which I got the day it was released, and have helped me stay on top of Android news ever since!! Thanks!!

  402. Here’s my “comment”

  403. comment

  404. i need this.

  405. I had the G1, i have the OG droid, ive been there from the beginning of all of it. Not to mention your blog, check my statues, ive been here since Oct 28, 2008, checking ever day. I need a new phone, please help a guy out. Thanks again guys

  406. Hook it up phandroid!!!!

  407. This will be mine, all mine.

  408. pick me please! I’m going to college and would love to win.

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  410. sick!

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  412. Wow, that’s very cool of ya’ll to do this for us. Big hugs all around! This is one of my favorite places for Droid news.

  413. In. This would be nice considering my original droid is lagging itself to death.

  414. Would love to upgrade my DX to this. Would be sweet to be able to keep using the same docks.

  415. this is why I need a new phone…please remove this post as my phone double posted

  416. Thanks!

  417. yase.

  418. “Welcome aboard Mr Manager.
    WOW! I’m Mr Manager!”

  419. Phandroid!

  420. I’m the needle in the haystack. I hope the mode has a magnet……

  421. Been eagerly awaiting my August upgrade date w/ VZW to FINALLY start enjoying all the Android goodness – what better way to experience that than WINNING a DX2!!!

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  427. My rooted OG Droid is on its last leg. Please Upgrade me!!!

  428. Hmm…, actually I don’t think that I want to win this week. Don’t know what I would do with a Verizon phone – I certainly don’t want to have to pay for Verizon service. Please don’t pick me this week. Pick me next week.

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  432. entering now.

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  434. Sure, why not.

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  437. Entering Now.

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  443. Would be nice if I won….my brother’s phone broke down last week, so I’d give it to him….personally I myself am waiting for the third Nexus phone.

    I am not entirely sure that you can contact me through this post, since I’ll be posting it through my google account.

    (If you can contact me…then I need to re-read Google’s privacy policy about using it to post coments
    And if you can’t reach me I’ll leave my less frequently used, but regularly checked hotmail adress: roemraw at hotmail dot com )

  444. I want!

  445. My OG DROID is on it’s last leg. i would love to win one of these devices. Thanks Phandroid!!!

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  451. First!

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  453. I am typing a comment

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  455. Please?

  456. Happy Birthday to me!?

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  459. Phandroid.

  460. btw, my phandroid account is tabowling if you need to email me.

  461. I really liked the X but had a bad one out of the box on launch day. I would like to see how the X2 compares.

  462. Come on meow – girlfriend needs to ditch her LG Chocolate 3 flip phone. Droid X2 would be a fine replacement!

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  466. Seriously Awesome!

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  468. would love a dual core beast to replace my DHD.

  469. Andy the Android is my homeboy

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  471. It’s no Galaxy S II but I’m down.

  472. My original Droid is getting slow with Gingerbread on it (CM7). I need new hardware please!!! My phandroid account is tabowling if you need to email me.

  473. I’d love to win an X2!

  474. Count me in, I so want a tablet. If I had money, I would have bought one already.

  475. What’s better than free stuff? Free Android stuff!

  476. This will get me two cores closer to a Positronic Brain! Which is also probably two cores closer to celibacy…

  477. Here is my comment!

  478. Please choose me! I cant upgrade from my mytouch slide for another year and all these awesome phone are making mine look like a dinosaur! Android owner since Nov 2008, Phandroid reader since March 2010

  479. [email protected]

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  493. winner winner chicken dinner!
    count me in!

  494. Daddy needs a new pair of CORES!!
    Please and Thank You!

  495. B00-Ya!

  496. Verizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzon subscriber.

  497. *Fingers Crossed*

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  500. still have the droid one… time for an upgrade. (just in case profile doesn’t link to email it’s joeroode at gmail)

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  503. HI:)

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  505. I like brownies.

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  508. with every iteration of android, there will grow a number of discontented because the operating system is not always updatable, but I still love it…

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  516. Hope I’m not too late :)