Verizon Clearing Out Stock on Pair of Low-Cost LG Androids


The high-end LG Revolution is still a fresh face in Verizon’s lineup, but a couple of lower-end Android handsets from the manufacturer look to be making their exit from Big Red. You know the saying. Out with the old, in with the new. According to sources speaking with PhoneArena, VZW is clearing out stock on a number of phones and mobile hotspots including the LG Ally and LG Vortex, bringing the product life cycle of the handsets to an end.

If Verizon is really pushing to move their stock quickly and free up some shelf space, look for prices on the already affordable duo to drop even lower, though we can’t confirm this is the case. If you were just dying to get your hands on one of the LG handsets, you can still pick up a Vortex-like device on several other carriers as part of LG’s Optimus One series, and the LG Ally as the LG Apex on US Cellular (if you are in their coverage area).

[via PhoneArena]

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  1. The question is what are they freeing up shelf space for?

    Could it be the Droid BIONIC?

    1. no they arent because it doesnt exist

      1. Just like your brain. The bionic is coming only a few more weeks.

    2. Probably more low end phones. Maybe the successors to these.

  2. The Ally sucks so bad, they would have to pay me to take it! An when i say pay me i mean pay me well! That phone has been nothing but a POS for my wife.

  3. The samsung gem isn’t a bad phone… 600mhz vs 800mhz is a noticeable difference, one that I prefer in terms of performance… quality is still up in the air for now

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