Foursqure Is Looking to Save You Money – Partners Up With 5 Daily Deal Sites


Foursquare has always been a weird little service for me. While I have a lot of friends who use it and are actively checking in at their favorite restaurants I never found any real incentive on using it, “Yay! I’m the Grand Marshall of Dunkin’ Donuts!” — but so what?

Now, Foursquare is attempting to step up their game by giving its users the chance to save some money. Foursquare is partnering up with popular “daily deal” sites like Living Social, Gilt Groupe, AT&T, Zozi and BuyWithMe to give users better incentive based check-ins. Also in talks is a deal with Groupon but that has yet to be finalized.

These new deals should be available this Tuesday and this could potentially be huge for Foursquare. I know I would actually use the service a lot more if I could check-in somewhere and receive a nice little discount off a meal or clothing. This in turn would notify my friends already on Foursquare and they would hit up the same spots looking to save some dough. All in all, it sounds like a great idea where everyone wins. Count me in.

[Via WSJ]

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  1. They have been offering discounts for checking in since last year but it was only at a few places. This should greatly expand that.

  2. You’re behind the times Chris…tons of places o. foursquare already offer specials….especially restaurants and bars.

    A bunch of retailers dove into it last year on Black Friday too.

    Get with the times my man :).

  3. These deals are different from the existing specials. They’re done in partnership with the “daily deal” sites listed above, and they have to be bought in advance, though you’ll be able to do that right through the Foursquare app.

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