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Sprint Offering Customers A $50 Service Credit To Stick With Them


Sprint Feed is at it again, this time they’ve managed to dig up this $50 service credit. How does it work? Well, if you’re currently a Sprint customer and are 1- 2 months away from having your contract expiring or if you’re contract is 1- 2 months past due (and you haven’t renewed or used an upgrade), you can call in to Sprint to renew your contract for another 2 years and a customer service rep will set you all up with that $50 credit. Sprint has never been a stranger to offering discounts for new customers offering a $130 discount to leave your current carrier and it looks like they’re willing to go that extra mile to take care of current customers and keep them from leaving.

[Via SprintFeed]

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  1. The problem is that SprintFeed didn’t get the entire picture…do not do this!!! If you renew your contract for this $50 service credit it will cancel out your upgrade eligibility!!!

    1. No it wont.

      I was alerted of this promotion a week ago through a Sprint rep over the phone (with the exception she offered $45 instead of $50). They verified I’d still be eligible for a full upgrade — and I went on Amazon Wireless to verify. Guess what? They were right.

      1. Nvm you are right. I called and got the same answer you received.

        1. I can tell you any service credit do not impact your upgrade eligibility,,,

    2. Not so

  2. I received $65, $70 and a free month of service for my 3 lines last month the day before I bought 3 evo 3ds…my upgrades were not affected…YMMV

  3. I don’t know but since I upgraded to my Evo 3d on June 24th 2011 and have been a sprint customer since my evo 4g days on June 4th 2010 I might try to see if I can catch that 50.00 dollars maybe they will deduct from my bill for the month of july who knows it’s worth a try anyway….

    1. Sprint is always pretty awesome when it comes to waiving fees and giving discounts. If I told you how much I pay on my Family Plan, you’d probably kill me. =p

      1. Add me to your family plan as a second long lost twin brother…:P

        EDIT: if tmobile goes to the dark side (at&t) sprint will be my new home.

        1. You should make your move now they will make worth your while I’m sure. They always take care their new customers especially from other carriers.

  4. I did this a few months ago. I was informed by the customer service rep that my next phone upgrade would be based off of my contract sign up time (22 months after) and not based on when I actually redeem my new upgrade.

  5. Still deciding if i should move to Sprint. But I dont want to pay a extra 10$ service charge is still a ripoff

    1. Its still cheaper than anyone elses plans. Oh, and dont forget truly unlimited data.

  6. I inquired about how much it would cost me to cancel my contract and the first response was an offer for $100 service credit if I renewed my contract for two years.
    I didn’t cancel, but I also didn’t take them up on the offer. After paying for 4g WiMax for over a year now and it’s no where in site for my metropolis, plus the talk about them switching over to 4g LTE. I’m uncertain what I want to do when all of my contracts are in roll over 1 year from now if 4g still hasn’t arrived.

  7. (I know this is late) I just called about this credit and I was told that I was eligible for 2 different offers, this $50 instant credit or 1 month of free service. I have a 2 line family plan and the $50 credit was available for both lines. The free month of service was only available on the main line.

    So I did both one month of free service ($129 value) AND $50 instant credit on the secondary line.


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