Kik Introduces New Beta Mobile SDK for Developers


Popular cross platform messenger service Kik announced today on their blog that they have released the beta version of their mobile SDK for developers to play around with.

The new beta API will allow developers to integrate user-to-user sharing into their own apps so users can share content instantly through Kik Messenger. Pretty neat stuff when you think about it. For example, a developer could create a picture drawing app that allows a user to draw a picture then share it using Kik. The person on the receiving end could then (using the same drawing app) modify the picture and add to it and “Kik it” right back.

The Kik SDK is supposed to be extremely easy to use and to celebrate its release, Kik will also be giving away $5,000 to the top 3 developers who write and launch the best apps using their SDK before August 8th.

[Via KikBlog]

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