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Verizon Increases Regulatory Charge – Still Not Letting You Off Without An ETF


I posted an article a few weeks back talking about Verizon’s plans to increase the regulatory charges for all current customers. While it was only a paltry $.03 cents, TheConsumerist was letting people know that an increase in charges (no matter how small) after someone had signed a contract was considered “material adverse” thus making the contract void and would allow for someone to skip out on said contract, without having to pay an early termination fee.

Well, today those increased charges have gone into effect and if you were waiting for this moment to get out of your contract Scott free, you may be in for a surprise. Verizon reps have already been instructed to let you know that Verizon will go ahead and give you that $.03 cents for the next 2 years basically giving you $.72 cents to stop your cryin’.

Still Verizon’s customer service agreement clearly states,

…this agreement has a material adverse effect on you, you can cancel the line of Service that has been affected within 60 days of receiving the notice with no early termination fee.

So, if you’re looking to get out of your Verizon contract it sounds like you still might have a fighting chance. Also, after 60 days from July 1st,  it will be assumed you have accepted any changes to your contract and wont be able to argue your way out of a paper bag. Not to mention, if you were one of those looking to get out of your contract only to jump back in for a discounted phone, you will lose your grandfathered unlimited data plan.

[Via Droid-Life]

Chris Chavez
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  1. ” Not to mention, if you were one of those looking to get out of your contract only to jump back in for a discounted phone, you will lose your grandfathered unlimited data plan.”

    Does this mean that if we were to not upgrade before our contract expires naturally that we would lose our grandfathered unlimited? Do we have to upgrade while our contract is in effect in order to keep our unlimited data?

    1. When you upgrade, you’re renewing your contract. That’s a good question. Does your contract change when you “renew” it? I’m guessing it will since the renewed contract could have changes. See? Hmm…

      1. uh, it seemed pretty clear they were stating that people can basically keep their contract (including renewals) to keep the unlimited data.

    2. No. You keep the unlimited as long as you currently have an unlimited plan, month to month or on contract.

      Seems like if you cancel the contract, you cancel the line and the data plan. Once without the data plan, you’d come back in as a new customer, with nothing to grandfather back in.

      Wonder if you knew about it beforehand, you could’ve got say, 5 iPhone 4s and then cancel your contract and sell them for a cool $2.5k

  2. why the hell did they raise the charge if they are just giving it back? it doesnt make any sense at all. waste of money i think

  3. It’s “poultry”, not “paltry”, ;).

    1. Your right…. it would’ve make a lot more sense if it was written as ‘While it was only a domestic fowl $.03 cents’

      1. that should be ‘You’re’ as in ‘you are right’.

      2. +1 lol

  4. Okay, so my aunt decided to buy a new phone right before the new data limits went into place. Does this mean she can cancel her line, get the full subsidized phone, and walk away with no problems if she plays her cards right?

  5. i need to go to sprint

  6. What a waist of site space all this Verizon mess..Gosh they have it ruff….

  7. ” if you were waiting for this moment to get out of your contract Scott free, you may be in for a surprise.”

    If you are really surprised by this; your favorite show is probably hanna montana.

  8. you can get unlimited data by going the prepaid route as i just went on the vzw site and it is still available for prepaid

  9. Verizon Wireless is trained to tell you that you cannot aviod the ETF no matter what. I know this first hand. I called Verizon Wireless and spoke to 6 employees over the phone, 3 of those were managers, and the manager from a Corporate Office. They all said different things on what the Regulatory Charge is and still did not want to honor the Customer Agreement. If you come accross the same problem contact the FCC, BBB, and your local District Attorney. FCC has my complaint and the case is under investigation.

  10. I spoke to verizon just now, and they argued with me for about 2 hours. They first said that they notified me in January about the change. The change was notified on my May 8th bill which I got on May 13th, or 55 days ago. Be aware of that when you call in, and make certain that your bills did not say that over 60 days ago. Some may have at this point. I called late at night, so they said upper management would contact me within 24-72 hours, but naturally I will call back tomorrow. I have saved copies of my bills and the customer agreement. I intent to contact multiple agencies, and if necessary, a lawyer.

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