Who is TabCo? And Will Their “Aha!” Tablet be Android-based? [Video]


With tons of tablets coming out these days, it’s hard for OEMs to differentiate themselves from others. Pricing is usually the biggest factor now that most new high-end tablets will be coming with Honeycomb. One company named TabCo believes other tablet OEMs have been doing it wrong – only Apple has entered the tablet arena the right way and others failed to deliver a product different enough to take the spotlight away.

TabCo thinks they can do it. How and why? We don’t know. Their site gives little information on a product itself. The only thing we know about it is that it’ll be available “during a month when the weather is really warm” and that its UI “like nothing else out there. It is predictive and draws its inspiration from the semantic web. The desktop is different, almost a canvas that gives you extensive flexibility to organize your life and work.”

The question we have is which operating system, but they were just as vague as they have been on everything else – an “Aha!” OS. Interesting, but hard to get excited for something folks know nothing about. The only good thing to take away here is that TabCo’s tablet should be available before the summer is over and we should be getting some details on it pretty soon.

Fun tidbit: these guys made an air message over the host site of WWDC, the Moscone Center West, that said “Forget the Fruit – Go TabCo!” – pretty agressive, no? What do you guys think it’ll be? Check out TabCo’s site for more info (you really have to dig for the goods) and promotional videos which show no products whatsoever. [Thanks Patrick!]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Well you have to get excited about any company that hires skywriters

  2. $5 says this a launch viral for the Tab 8.9.

  3. I think it will run the Garnet OS 3.0. Yep.

  4. I’m really excited, the last good internet mystery we had was @DroidLanding with the original Droid X clues. The problem is after Android changed the game, I don’t think the game can really be changed again so soon. If it’s an OS other than Android, I can’t see it really taking hold in this market…

  5. TabCo, sounds like a really horrible made up company for the 80s movies.

  6. Could be Apple using a fake company to drum up interest in the iPad3 launch.

    1. Was it just me or were they horrible paid actors?

  7. they, are following @androids so i’m sure its android based, nothing revealing on damn

  8. Well in one of their videos it hinted at it being possibly Android. The video where it’s the ‘secret footage’ from a focus group

  9. “during a month when the weather is really warm”

    I know of only one company that has the audacity to announce products without a launch date. :-)

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