Fieldrunners HD Now Available as Amazon’s App of the Day and on the Android Market


The folks at Subatomic Studios have pinged us to let us know that Fieldrunners HD is now available for all Android users to enjoy. It debuted on Amazon as an App of the Day today, meaning you can grab this one up for free. For those of you not able to use Amazon, they’ve made it available on the Android market for $.99. After today, the game will cost $3 in both stores. It’s a decent looking tower defense game, one that has won awards for its solid gameplay and presentation. And as I always say, there’s no way you can go wrong with a defense game. Hit up the Amazon Appstore or the Android market for your fix. (It’s a 37MB download.) The trailer’s above if you need an idea of how this one will look.



For the first 24 hours, Fieldrunners HD will be free on the Appstore and $1 on the Android Market

CAMBRIDGE, MA – JULY 7, 2011SUBATOMIC STUDIOS has officially launched Fieldrunners HD, making the hugely popular Tower Defense game available today for Android users worldwide.  Fieldrunners HD can be downloaded for free for the first 24 hours in the Amazon Appstore, while non-US Android owners can grab the game for $1 for the first day in the Android Market.  After the first 24 hours, the game will continue to be sold in both stores for $2.99.  The game will be available to US based Android users in the Android Market two weeks after its initial launch.


“Amazon and Google have been very helpful,” said Jamie Gotch, CEO of Subatomic Studios. “Releasing in the Amazon Appstore in the US while simultaneously launching in the Android Market for international customers is something we are very excited about. Hitting both marketplaces in the same day allows us to reach our whole, international fan base and we wouldn’t have been able to do it without the support of both Amazon and Google.”


Subatomic Studios had originally planned to release Fieldrunners HD for free in the Android Market, however their agreement prohibits developers from launching a game for free then transitioning it to paid.  After hearing about the situation, Amazon approached the studio with a two week exclusivity agreement in exchange for allowing Fieldrunners HD to launch for free in the Amazon Appstore.  Upon this news International fans voiced their concerns, since the Amazon Appstore is not available outside the US. Amazon listened, eliminating their international exclusivity agreement so that Fieldrunners HD could launch on the same day in the Android Market for fans outside the US.


“Once again, Amazon has shown that they care about our fans and our studio,” said Alec Shobin, Marketing and PR Manager of Subatomic Studios. “After announcing our exclusivity with Amazon, our fans outside of the US became very vocal about how this arrangement delayed the international release of Fieldrunners HD.  Amazon took note of this and allowed us to break international exclusivity, and that flexibility is allowing us to launch in a way that will really please our whole fan community.”


Fieldrunners HD, the most anticipated and visually stunning game in mobile Tower Defense history, is coming to Android with updated hi-definition graphics. You will be able to defend your base and control the field using a diverse selection of upgradeable towers in an epic adventure and master a wide array of tactics and strategies to help you stand victorious against countless waves of unique land and air combatants. Do you have what it takes to defeat the fieldrunners and rise to the top as the ultimate Tower Defense champion? Find out soon when Fieldrunners HD for Android launches on the Amazon Appstore for Android!


One of the first runaway successes on the iPhone, Fieldrunners has won an assortment of awards, ranging from the prestigious “Best Mobile Game” and “Achievement in Art” awards at the 2009 Independent Games Festival, to being featured on the cover of TIME Magazine as one of their Top 10 Games of 2008, where it was listed amongst such titles as Grand Theft Auto IV, Little Big Planet, Gears of War 2, Rockband 2 and Spore.


About Subatomic Studios

Subatomic Studios, based in Cambridge, MA, is an award-winning independent developer of video games for handheld and mobile devices. Fieldrunners, the studio’s flagship game, combines gorgeous artwork with fine-tuned Tower Defense gameplay, allowing Subatomic Studios to captivate mobile gamers everywhere with a truly unique entertainment experience. Fieldrunners was first released for the iPhone and iPod Touch, followed by versions for the iPad, the PSP, the Nintendo DSi, and BlackBerry.

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  1. just downloading now, looks great i must say

  2. just finished up a game and well worth the admission price of free. would even fork over the $3 for this one.. They do need to tweak the game some for honeycomb devices as the words on the screen do not line up properly.

  3. just installed on my Eee Pad Transformer … seems fine until you begin a new game, game screen is blank, but the notifications and controls are visible and I see a little butterfly on the bottom of the screen flying around, other than that, nada, uninstalled

    1. Did you get it via Amazon? I guess this is why it shows up as not compatible with my Transformer in the Market.

    2. It works on my Transformer. When you seen the blank screen, just pinch to zoom… Thanks to “Jeremy” from his above post… Now I can play this game on my Transformer…

  4. Anyone else getting “Not available in your country,” and live in the US?

  5. it dont work on the tablet i get a black screen galaxy tab 10.1

    1. It’s not supported on tablets; says so on the app description at Amazon.

      1. Just got an email from the developer:

        Our top priority is to update the game so that it supports tablets – that functionality could be in as early as the end of the day.

        1. Cool, I always get the free app of the day, if it doesn’t work on the tab, I assume it eventually will. Thanks for the info.

    2. it works, when it goes black just pinch to zoom out a little bit, then you’re golden from there.

    3. Plays on my Xoom… momentary black screen at game start then good to go

  6. Never been a fan of tower defense games. Someone must like them though since there are only about 120 different tower defense titles out there.

  7. Wow…Being a fan of tower-defense games I’ve played quite a few of the popular versions long available for Android, namingly a very popular one called Robo Defense.

    I say wow because this game is a near exact clone to Robo Defense! I mean all the way down to the first map you have to play through.

    Fieldrunners looks and plays smooth, I’ll give it that…But it lacks depth (no rewards system, no certain-towers-do-certain-enemy-unit-damage dynamics, limited number of maps, etc…) and gets repetitious (even for a tower defense game) quickly.

    Get it while it’s free, it does look nice…But for the gameplay, go for something better like Robo.

    1. I’m pretty sure Robo Defense is a clone of Fieldrunners, Fieldrunners was released like a year before it.

  8. can’t get it from amazon. it says I need to turn on one click. but it’s on. Amazon appstore is a mess.

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