Jul 7th, 2011

We’ve just gotten word from a trusted source that Virgin Mobile will bringing some new plans come July 19th. Currently, Virgin users can choose between 300 minutes and unlimited text/data for $25 a month, 1200 minutes and unlimited text/data for $40 a month and unlimited everything for $60. For those not on the unlimited everything plan, things are set to get a bit pricier. Here’s the full breakdown:

  • $35/month for unlimited for web, text, and 300 min
  • $45/month for unlimited for web text and 1200min
  • $60/month for unlimited everything
Even with the plan increases, they remain one of the more affordable options. You’ll be able to buy and use old Airtime cards for an additional month after the change, but will need to buy the new plans/cards after that, according to our source. We’ll be on the lookout for official word from Virgin and/or Sprint in the coming weeks. [Thanks _________!]