New Virgin Mobile (USA) Plans Coming July 19th


We’ve just gotten word from a trusted source that Virgin Mobile will bringing some new plans come July 19th. Currently, Virgin users can choose between 300 minutes and unlimited text/data for $25 a month, 1200 minutes and unlimited text/data for $40 a month and unlimited everything for $60. For those not on the unlimited everything plan, things are set to get a bit pricier. Here’s the full breakdown:

  • $35/month for unlimited for web, text, and 300 min
  • $45/month for unlimited for web text and 1200min
  • $60/month for unlimited everything
Even with the plan increases, they remain one of the more affordable options. You’ll be able to buy and use old Airtime cards for an additional month after the change, but will need to buy the new plans/cards after that, according to our source. We’ll be on the lookout for official word from Virgin and/or Sprint in the coming weeks. [Thanks _________!]
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  1. Take that VZW/ATT. Although I don’t think Virgin users can roam like Sprint users can – not sure. Virgin is a great option if you stick to cities, especially now that several Android phones are available.

  2. I have looked into this, but just can’t make the leap. I want my phone to work just about everywhere (with exceptions of the areas I don’t want it to work e.g. camping) I go. Pretty sure Virgin/Sprint ain’t gonna do that.

    1. Sprint roaming is great and can roam on VZW. I’ve been to nearly every state in the US and some pretty obscure areas. Sprint actually has better roaming agreements than ATT/VZW in the most obscure areas like northern Rockies. I’ve also been to central/south America and Sprint never charged me for roaming data use. I did find a spot in very remote n central Tenn where Sprint didn’t work, but neither did VZW.

      But Virgin users can’t roam I’m pretty sure, just Sprint users.

      1. Virgin has no roaming, and I can say from my experience that I’ve never had an issue of no service no matter where I’ve gone or what state I’m in.

  3. The same day the Motorola triumph is released (btw i hope there’s more news and reviews on this phone soon) The plans are still worth it. The unlimited everything plan is actually 5 dollars cheaper. I may pay the Etf for t-mobile and switch.

  4. I dont think the plans are bad at all but If virgin wants to begin charging more like the big boys than Virgin needs to step up like the big boys and not charge for incoming calls or 800 numbers etc. Its not a big deal but just annoying for sure. I have had my Loft for a month on the $25 plan and I have used less than 50 minutes. I dont talk on the phone much. I am looking forward to picking up a used Optimus for now and eventually to Triumph.

  5. I just wish it wasn’t CDMA since i travel abroad so much. I have to stick w/ GSM carriers or force myself to use a different cell phone on diff continents (which is a PITA)

    1. Virgin is intended for people who pretty much stay in their home city or just sticks to larger US cities. Is why it costs less. Great for those who don’t travel.

    2. Well if you’re looking to save money, why would you take your GSM phone overseas?! I’ve been traveling for 3 months now overseas and i keep my $25 Virgin Mobile plan (so I can keep my #) and I travel with an unlocked Blackberry, its the cheapest option to go. Take your smartphone overseas and a text is what ($.20 or more each way) forget that!!

  6. Does Virgin allow you to take Android phones that you’ve used on other networks and use them on Virgin’s. e.g. can I take my Droid Incredible and, once my contract with Verizon expires, move it to Virgin?

    1. No. The only phones that work with VM are those sold by VM. you could change the ESN possibly, but that’s also illegal.

      1. That’s a misconception. Changing the ESN of a device is not illegal.

  7. i agree with grr8john

    can somebody do a hands on demo of the triumph? right now I have the Metropcs indulge good phone but has too many flaws

  8. Well to be honest, if I was still a student, and did’t actually need a phone for business purposes, then the $35 unlimited data would sure be appealing. Especially given that Virgin do offer the nicest of prepaid smart phone options – which in my mind means ‘toy’. Not exactly something that would earn it’s keep. Sure there are probably those that can make a living off using data on a phone only, but I’m confident saying that, that group of people are fractional percentage of users. Compared to tracfone’s straight talk brand, that offers unlimited everything for less than $45 (loyalty discount included), Virgin becomes rather expensive. More so when you suddenly can’t leave cities for lack of coverage. Boost’s unlimited option is also cheaper than Virgin, and runs on the same Sprint network. Obviously VM is targeting a younger crowd who don’t need to actually talk on the phone, but are more interested in IM’ing and the such.

  9. I wish Virgin Mobile had unlimited international calling plans just like Boost Mobile has. I frequently call Canada and the Dominican Republic and I will save a lot of money on calling cards if Virgin had international plan. Not to mention their international calling rates are high when compared to the rates of calling cards

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