Motorola DROID Bionic Best Buy Flyer Leaked


The Motorola DROID Bionic is finally shaping up to be a near-release device, what with all of these leaks going around lately. Our friends at This Is My Next have gotten their hands on an image of the promotional flyer that will be used in Best Buy stores It says the Bionic will allow you to control everything if you can control it, and notes that it’s “an all-powerful, unstoppable machine.” Notice the device itself – the front-facing camera is on the left and not the right, the bottom is more “DROID-like”, and it’s not as round as the original Bionic was. The Motorola device that has been leaked most recently was indeed the redesigned Bionic. Summer, in fact, is still on for this thing’s release and all signs point straight to August.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Please be unlocked… Please be unlocked… Please be unlocked.

    1. I would be so freaking happy if it had unlocked boot loader..

    2. Bug Verizon. Motorola doesn’t take a leak without carrier approval. Phones are build to order, not “on spec” hoping a carrier will want it. If Verizon wants it unlocked, it’s going to be unlocked. If they don’t…

      1. moto has the key to unlock the bootloader not verizon. That carrier approval line is bs if verizon wanted their phones locked down why are the revolution/charge/tb unlocked? that is just a lame excuse and I am sure they will send an update to unlock the bootloader

        1. I admire your conviction. You are, of course, completely wrong, and clearly have no actual experience with how these things work in real life, but the firmness with which you stand by your wrongness is impressive.

          1. Actually who unlocked the atrix? Moto did you are the clueless one. Go read some forums or something before you come on here and try to act like you have a clue. Seeing how the carriers don’t make the phones how do they have the key? Good try though but next time think before you speak. I know that is very hard for you to do though. Smh

          2. Let me explain this to you in pictures. You seem like the picture book kind.

            You Verizon Motorola

            You have no direct business relationship with Motorola whatsoever. You buy a phone from Verizon. You don’t buy a phone from Motorola. Motorola makes phones for, and to the specification of, Verizon. Verizon sells the phones. If Best Buy sells you a phone they do so as an agent of Verizon. When Motorola makes the phones they create the lock codes. Which they give to Verizon since it’s Verizon who owns the phones. Motorola has no business giving out those lock codes against Verizon’s wishes. They can be sued for doing so, as you are Verizon’s customer, not Motorolas.

            If a phone has an unlocked bootloader it’s because the carrier has either requested it or allowed it, not because the manufacturer felt like putting it in. If the manufacturer did that, against the carrier’s wishes, they’d be in for a world of financial hurt for breach of contract, loss of revenue, etc.

            So you can direct your vitriol toward the company with which you do have a business relationship, or you can bark at the moon like a madman taking out your anger at a company with which you don’t and couldn’t redress your grievance even if they had a mind to do so.

            Your call.

          3. HTC has unlocked their phones on Big Red’s network. I would not put it past Moto though to take the easy cop-out and blame Verizon.

          4. samsung is unlocked too on big red

          5. so when everyone bombarded moto and htc’s fb/twitter and both came out saying they would unlock their bootloaders we had to go through carriers to do that? You really are clueless obviously the carriers sell the phones but it ultimately is up to the manufacturers whether to release their phones unlocked or not. If has to do with carriers than why are every phone other than moto unlocked on the carriers? Clearly they wouldnt single out just one carrier to tell to not unlock the phones. Once again nice try though.

          6. One day, surely, minstrels will write ballads regarding your quixotic sense of certainty. You have no actual inside experience with how things work, as anyone who does so can clearly tell, yet you hold to your internet-born suppositions as though they were facts of nature, natural laws, and defend said groundless suppositions with the ferocity of a mother defending the last of her slain cubs.

            Were it that vigor could be used to support reality, instead of to tilt at windmills, mountains could be moved.

            But, alas, your conventional wisdom is neither, the mountains remain stationary, bootloaders remain locked, and the madman howls at the moon.

          7. Uum mountains move everyday so just because you can type a paragraph on here trying to act yes I said it ACT like you are intelligent means nothing. Go out and talk to your moose maybe he will tell you what you want to hear. Then again he will probably just impale you with his antlers as you try and fondle his appendages.

  2. Control everything? Does that mean I get android 2.3.4 and soon after release ice cream so that I can get all of the android @ home goodness?

    1. Hahahah.


  3. oooooo shiny….and LTE-y

  4. What SavageJeep said.

  5. If its unlocked, I’m getting it. You can’t beat Motorola’s build quality and radios.

  6. This better not have a pentile display like the atrix and droid 3.

  7. Whats with 512 MB memory

    1. where did u read that at? Everywhere that I’ve looked ive seen 1g ram. The droid 3, not so much.

      1. I can’t remember, it was this weekend on one of the articles. I sure hope your right, it would be ridiculus with daul core to have 512mg memory.

        1. Its 1GB. The FCC docs have most of the specs listed.

          If it doesnt….I want the device thats in the FCC docs…

        2. you were looking at old info that said 512mb

          1. yeah, i remember it from way back, it was reported that it would have only 512MB; the atrix was just released at the time and many-including me, were upset at Bionics 512MB while ATT’s Atrix had a full 1GB ram. My OC Droid1, even running CM7 is hurting because of LOW ram, i dont wanna go through that again, my next phone MUST have 1GB ram if im gonna be on a 2yr contract

    2. Where did you get 512 MB from?

  8. This phone has a “Duke Nukem Forever” vibe to it. I have a feeling it’s going to be just as disappointing after all this waiting.

    1. Seriously. I’m already super disappointed with how they redesigned it. It looks terrible. The original design was great! I am really annoyed with this…

  9. That’s right choice for choosing for new device to use and it’s feature supporting building to understand of it’s. The perfect location to hurt it’s. vacation to adoptions on it’s.


  10. well, i went from Bionic originally to the SGSII as my future phone of choice, unlocked bootloader,better screen, exynos…i just dont see myself going with the bionic anymore

    1. Unless you are in the US. There is a chance the GS2 will have a Tegra 2 in the States.

      Bootloader….seeing what Moto did with the Atrix, that might be another thing to scratch off the pro vs. con list.

      Cant argue with the screen…lol. Super Amoled + looks too nice.

  11. Oh shit son, it’s finally coming. The upgrade that I’ve had for almost a year can go to good use at last.

    1. Werd up Marcie Whiteboy Barbie… oh shit son.. wigga wigga wut wut!

  12. rumors say it will have an unlockable bootloader like the xoom. We shall see. Also latest leaked screen shot says aug 4 release.

  13. I ahev been waiting for this phone since CES, my OG droid even with Cyanogen is getting a bit long in the tooth.

  14. I work (indirectly) for Verizon, and we’ve been given a written release date of August 4th. TENTATIVELY, of course… The Bionic has been delayed so many times…

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