FYI: RunPee is Back on the Market


It’s back, folks. The app that everyone loves and adores because it helps them take that much needed pee break when nothing is going on during a movie is back in the market. Let me tell you – I definitely could have used this during a couple of different scenes in Transformers 3. RunPee is free, as usual, and is back in the Android market for all to download as of July 1st. Take the time to do that before heading to your next film viewing. Also take a look at the video above to view the latest features added during its period of unavailability. [Reddit]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Really? You could have used it during Transformers 3? I would figure it would list the starting time and starting time + length of movie as the window of opportunity..

    1. lol, that’s what I was thinking. That movie was terrible

  2. I watched x men first class and I doubt this app would’ve worked.

    1. That’s because there were no lull points to go take a piss.

  3. Oh!! So this app tells you when nothing is going to happen in a movie so you kan go to the restroom. Oh!! Pretty kool!! LoL!! I’d look krazy with this, but ok. I’ll get it. Heh heh…

    +1 :P

    1. Are you high or just plain stupid? Nobody talks like that.

      And if you do, you should stop. Now.

      1. Maybe he’s 12 and does talk like that. You’re only 15, so I’m sure it wasn’t too long ago that you talked that way too.

        1. Hah. Good one. I almost laughed.

      2. So you’re telling me that you kan tell that someone is using a “k” instead of a “c” when they’re talking? Oh wow, that’s uber awesome. You should spread your wisdom. It’s a good thing that you’re not some douche just trying to pick on someone.

        1. That made no sense. Nobody can ‘use a K instead of a C when they are talking’ because “can” is spelled with a C. It’s not like you could tell anyway. But anyway, YOU are TYPING, not talking, so it does make a difference.

          Also, uber is not english.

          1. LoL!! IKR? I was tryin a little to hard to try and counter u but I kouldn’t.
            And I type lyk that because I’m on my phone so I have texting in mind.

            And yea, apparently “uber” is German for the word “about” and “super”.

          2. Wait, why do you use Ks instead of Cs when you are texting? Isn’t that just more work? Autocorrect/prediction seems like it would always get in the way, and it’s annoying.

      3. “Are you high or just plain stupid? Nobody talks like that.”

        Welcome to the internet.

        1. i do bacause its kewl, oh and stay in skewl lmao

    2. ummm there’s a ‘c’ in your nikk. You may want to khange that.

  4. This is obviously a prank.

    1. No it’s for real. Works great, main thing I use it for is that it tells you if there any post-credit scenes so I don’t have to sit around just in case…

  5. I created the RunPee app and I’m the one who saw X-Men First class – I also get help from my mother and sister to see movies and get peetimes. It was VERY hard getting peetimes for X-Men. It isn’t that we look for boring scenes – which there weren’t any. We look for scenes that can be “summed up easily.” We try hand to make sure there’s no really funny scenes or great action shots and especially important character development points during a peetime. Music montages are our best friend! -)

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