European HTC Sensation Receives Its First OTA Update


A software update that leaked last week is now being officially pushed out to unbranded HTC Sensation handsets across Europe. The small 27MB update file brings the Sensation’s software version to 1.35.401.1, but looks to be little more than a collection of bug fixes and patches. This is not an update to unlock the phone’s bootloader, nor is it a bump up to Android 2.3.4.

There is already a rather lengthy thread over at the XDA forums stemming from the aforementioned leak of the update. For the nitty gritty on the update you will want to browse through its many pages. If you have not received the update yet and are the owner of the a carrier unlocked HTC Sensation, navigate through the Settings menu to About Phone and you should be able to pull the new software to your handset.

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