A Kid in a Lab Coat Tells Us the Kyocera Echo is Nearly Indestructable


The Kyocera Echo launched to pretty mixed feelings. It’s dual-screen design was both innovative and frustrating, with a user interface that at times just missed the mark and a battery life that led to the manufacturer including a second battery and charger out of the box. But for all its flaws, the Echo is apparently quite durable. Just ask this kid in a lab coat, who touts the Echo’s nearly-indestructable copper alloy hinge and Gorilla Glass screens. Yep, that’s twice the durability thanks to twice the displays. Too bad it’s going to take a bit more than banging the Echo on a table to get us interested in the handset again.

[via PocketNow]

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  1. Swear they should just advertise this thing like a DS to kids. I don’t think I’ve seen but one commercial and none of these things in person.

    Gorilla Glass is the SHIT! My Vibrant will be one year old next week and has never had a screen protector on it and there’s still no real scratches. With the screen off and the light reflecting just right OR in direct sunlight, you can see micro scratches but it still looks better than how a brand new screen protector would.

  2. IF all of this is true, not bad kyocera, not bad…

  3. he doesn’t tell us why we should buy it. fail.

  4. Meh give one to me then we’ll see how durable it is.

    BTW in it’s on right the original Motorola droid is a pretty darned durable phone. Mine has been dropped, thrown, kicked,baked, frozen and used as a coaster. And that doesn’t include the torture on the software side like experimental ROMs and overclocking Kernels. It’s been almost 2 years and the ol’ droid is still kicking.

  5. Oh and since nobody has said it yet, that “assistant” is HOT!

    Ok I have to back to being an adult again….

  6. say i catch it on fire ???

  7. Meh…

  8. that was actually pretty entertaining.

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