Verizon Data Plan Overhaul Will Include $30 Tethering for 4G Customers


Another twist in the upcoming Verizon data plan overhaul has been uncovered. A scan of an in-store pamphlet to be deployed along with the changes in data packages and pricing confirms what we have already heard, but new word is that existing customers who want to keep their 4G LTE tethering capabilities after their free run ends will be asked to pay a $30 monthly fee. The silver lining? Those $30 will provide unlimited data for tethering, which looks like quite the deal next to the $20/2GB 3G tethering plan. For anyone wanting to make the switch to Verizon, change their plan, or add a line and still keep old pricing structures, act fast. The time is drawing near.

[via Engadget]

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  1. I hope that if Verizon does get a Nexus that they don’t charge for tethering. I doubt that Google would want them too and I’m pretty sure that Verizon would charge for that.

    1. Verizon will charge no matter the phone. I have the Thunderbolt, and I would totally pay for the unlimited tethering, but we will see how it goes.

      1. I hope they don’t because AT&T, T-mobile and Sprint don’t charge with the Nexus S.

        Edit: If they don’t then this year might be the first time I will consider switching to Verizon.

  2. greedy!

    1. No doubt… am I correct in assuming that this doesn’t apply if you’re rooted?

      Speaking of greedy, if someone has an extra g+ invite and needs a karmic bump: chris.koba(at) (thanks in advance)

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  4. so, I’m looking at 80 to 110 dollars for a decent data plan from Verizon? Thats, 80 to 110 dollars for data ALONE! No Thanks!

    1. 30$ for tethering and data….

      1. double post

      2. I seriously doubt that. I’m sure it will be $30 for tethering/data on top of your original data plan. Just like it’s always been.

      3. I Don’t think so. 30 dollars for tether… then 80 dollars for 10GB of data. $110 for Data ONLY!

  5. tethering is pretty much useless to me…..

  6. My question is what is the difference in tethering and wifi hotspot? I mean i know the difference. But why charge for one and not the other? I understand that tethering is better for battery life. I am concerned for speed though. Does tethering yield faster speeds as it is direct(wired) connection? Any info that anyone could provide would be awesome. Thank you!

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