Samsung Galaxy Tab Gingerbread Update Begins Rolling Out to Sprint Users


The original Samsung Galaxy Tab might not have the hardware to stack up against the newly released Galaxy Tab 10.1, but thanks to an update rolling out today at least one carrier-branded version of the 7-inch slate will get a fresher build of Android that might restore some of its appeal. It isn’t the tablet-specific Honeycomb, but the Android 2.3 update should breath some new life into Samsung’s first Android tablet.

Maintenance release EF17 is now going out to Sprint users, with the update expected to reach all owners of their Galaxy Tab within four days. Anyone out there receive their piece of Gingerbread yet?

[via Sprint]

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  1. Are you kidding, the hummingbird rapes the shit out of that tiny little Tegra 2 tablet.
    SGX540 > Geforce ULP

    1. True, with the update the Tab is much smoother than all the Honeycomb tablets, which is kind of sad.

  2. I still waiting

  3. Any word on the Verizon Tab getting the Gingerbread update?

  4. And that will be the last that Tab owners hear from Samsung.

  5. anyone know how to get the update without having a sprint contract? My tab is a refurbished one, and I only use wifi.

    1. I have the refurb’ed Sprint Galaxy Tab (from Woot), without Sprint contract (I just use WiFi), and it popped up with the option to update to Gingerbread last night. The upgrade was painless, and it seems to be working fine. Haven’t really checked out what’s changed yet…

  6. Grab it here,Official Gingerbread Update File for Galaxy tab,Clean,ready to flash

  7. Just performed the update using this file from xda forums ( It worked great. Now I can use Netflix and Skype Video without issue.

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