Samsung Galaxy S II Passes Through the FCC with Nvidia Tegra 2


It’s easy to get lost in all the code names Samsung uses for their Galaxy S line of phones and the Galaxy S II is no different. Take the Galaxy S II GT-I9103 for instance. This device just made its way past the FCC but unlike its brothers, the GT-I9100 and GT-I9101, this one seems to be coming equipped with an Nvidia Tegra 2 on board.

Originally, the Galaxy S II was introduced with Samsung’s own Exynos chip and performance-wise, was right up there with the Nvidia’s Tegra 2 (both are based off A9 architecture). It’s more than likely this new change in SOC’s has more to do with pricing and availability seeing how the Galaxy S 2 has been breaking sales records all over the world. The I9103 is also equipped with bands both compatible with AT&T and the big 3 in Canada as well. So whether it hits stateside is anyone’s guess.

What do you guys think? Would you rather your Galaxy S II came with Samsung’s Exynos processor (which was responsible for most the favorable reviews we’ve seen online) or the compatibility of a Tegra 2 and their Tegra Zone market?

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  1. still no verizon.

  2. Wake me up when it comes stateside.

  3. I’d rather have the Exynos. When you use an Exynos Galaxy S2, everything feels slow, even the stock Android G2X with a Tegra 2.

    1. Everything ELSE you mean? I got confused the first time I read your comment.

      1. Geesh, I typed it out quickly, I’m sorry that I don’t use perfect grammar on Disqus comments on Phandroid on the internet.

        1. It’s ok. I forgive you.

          1. Also, you forgot the period at the end of your first comment. “I got confused the first time I read your comment”

          2. Lies. ;p

          3. “on Disqus comments on Phandroid on the internet.”

            ^Double redundant.

        2. Perfect grammar isn’t needed, but clarity is. Took me three tries and reading responses to figure out what you meant.

        3. If you’re really using “Disqus” like you claim, you’d know there was an edit button to fix mistakes. Only with posting anonymously do you not have an edit feature.

    2. Tegra 2 version is the cheap version of Galaxy S2. It doesn’t have media codecs and 720p/1080p Flash videos support of Exynos. Check Nenamark2, Exynos is alot faster than Tegra2 in 3D too. Tegra 3 would interesting.

      1. Yep. This is probably going to be the budget Galaxy S2 in between the Galaxy Z and Exynos GS2.

  4. I wasn’t too impressed with the Tegra 2 on my Xoom. I’d like to try the new Exynos. All the reviews say the phone is super fast so don’t fix what isn’t broken. Although there are a lot of games specifically for the Tegra 2 but probably just because it was the first dual core to the market.

    1. The support is also due to nVidia putting a lot of it’s weight into coercing developpers into optimizing titles for their subpar SoC and using a few exclusive properties to lock everyone else out. Fortunately most titles can be run on superior hardware with the use of Chainfire3D.

  5. I dont want a watered down version of the SGS II damn it!!!

    1. thats how verizon is. They did the same thing last year with the facinate. Its a shame.

    2. don’t know why people think tegra would be a downgrade,
      anandtech benchmarks show the exynos performing on par with tegra 2

    3. cmon you frekain carriers, don’t do this to us. Samsung phones are the only reason i’m still sticking to android.

  6. I’m not against Tegra 2 itself but what it involves : complete loss of compatibility for the other SOCs. Plus, doesn’t a SOC designed by samsung for their devices would be more optimized ( pretty much like what apple does ) ?
    Samsung showed with hummingbird what they really were capable of already, and I’m happy with my SG2 Exynos. If I had the opportunity to change it, I would stick to it for sure

  7. No Exynos… that is a pity. I currently have GS2 and compared to a friends Atrix. The GS2 seems clearly faster or maybe it jsut my bias?

    1. No it isn’t just you, the GS2 rapes that little toy

  8. I dunno. This is what I’d been waiting on and now it won’t have the Samsung processor. I’ve been holding out but I really need to increase screen size and with this that potential free Thunderbolt offering coming up is a little more interesting.

  9. It’s a Samsung, I wouldn’t touch it no matter what CPU is in it!

  10. You can still play Tegra games on non Tegra devices.

  11. I planned on passing up on this even if it did have Exynos since there’s no HD screen. If you’re going to sell a high end smartphone in 2Q and 3Q11, you’d better have an HD display. But if I were going to buy one, I’d prefer the Exynos based on what everyone else seems to be saying. I’m waiting for Sprint’s next big think, either the Photon 4G or the next Google Nexus phone, if Sprint gets it. They got the Nexus S 4G so I’m hoping they’ll also carry the next Nexus version phone and then I can use my $150 1 year upgrade :)

  12. Hopefully this won’t be going into the AT&T Attain. If it is I will not upgrade this year. The Tegra2 is barely an upgrade (if at all) versus the Hummingbird from last year’s GalaxyS. With all the buzz about the GalaxyS3 already to go head to head with iPhone5 I might just wait no matter what.

  13. *cough* Verizon, could you move any slower in getting a Galaxy S II in your lineup? You have until September, when I’m eligible to upgrade. I’ll even pay extra for the tethering!!! (Maybe)

  14. Such a disappointment, this was supposed to be an iphone5 killer. I know what is my next for sure, and I’ll be damned if i have to wait more than a half year for it. Please may the nexus gods smite the pretentious apple.

  15. I considered this when it was supposed to be Exynos. As Tegra 2, I’ve pretty much lost interest.

  16. I am with T-Mobile and my full upgrade has been available since May 30th and the only reason I haven’t bought a G2x or a Sensation is because I am waiting for this!! And I don’t want a watered down one either.

    1. What’s the problem?
      Just buy one unlocked from Europe

      1. … for more than twice as much money.

  17. I won’t buy one with Tegra in it. What is this, Russia? :)

  18. I will buy this if it comes with Wolfson!

  19. I don’t see it as that bad. Tegra 2 is far better for gaming, because it uses standard features which mali neglects to support. Tegra 2 games are some of the best games on the market. Custom roms should be easier too seeing as Tegra is in far more devices.

    1. 1) Mali/Exynos can run those games just fine (Chainfire3d proved this)
      2) You’ve clearly no idea what you’re talking about when it comes to custom roms. Sure similar/identical processors make some ports easier (Nexus One/Desire) but 99.9% of the time other hardware differs between devices and makes this a moot point.

      Performance wise the Exynos is THE best out there at the moment, this would be disappointing if the US market only gets the T2 version.

  20. Booooo. Why would they downgrade such a successful phone? Everyone knows the Tegra 2 was all hype. Imo I feel like the hummingbird single core performed better than the Tegra 2.

    1. I still have that feeling

  21. everyone can still get some Tegra action with chainfire. the Exynos is capable of keeping up!

    1. Uhh no it isn’t capable of keeping up with the Tegra 2……

  22. they just presented the SGS II in my country (Peru) tonight, a big event held by Samsung and Telefonica; hope this model isn’t for south america, but we use the same bands as AT&T =( only time will tell

  23. tegra sucks! xoom is proof. they just ruined a great phone with that crappy excuse for a dual core processor that’s out performed by a single core. i’m so upset

  24. Looks like I’ll be waiting for the Nexus Prime now.

  25. Haha.. I’m lovin’ all this smack talk. Come on Exynos! Don’t cheap out Samsung!!!!

    Seriously though, it sounds like a heavy demand/low supply issue to me. What I don’t get, is why every OTHER country in the world (it seems like) already has them, and the USA is like a dog at the dinner table, waitin’ for scraps.. for scraps I tells ya!1

    Iran, Peru.. Who’s next? North Korea? At this rate, probably…

  26. great share as always! posted this on the fan page! ( Happy Friday from Korea!

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