Jul 5th, 2011

Blogger and Picasa are dead. Long live Google Photos and Google Blogs! In what could be seen as Google’s mid-life crisis, the internet search giant is going full steam ahead with their new social network, Google+, looking to make it the hub of all things Google and change their image in the process.

Since its launch, we’ve seen the UI from Google+ creep into some of our favorite Google services like Gmail and Google Calendar. Not content with UI tweaks, Mashable is reporting that Google will also be rebranding some of their most popular products including Blogger and Picasa and transforming them into Google Pictures and Google Blogs. Oh- and don’t worry, Youtube will remain unchanged.

These newly rebranded services will be fully integrated into Google+ giving them new life among Google’s social network. The new and improved Google and its services should see a complete transformation within the next 6 weeks in anticipation of Google+ being made available for the general public.

As much as I love Google, I’m still trying to figure out which is more annoying; Apple’s famous “i” front of all their products or “Google this” and “Google that.”

[Via Mashable]