Is Google Retiring Blogger and Picasa? Yes and No


Blogger and Picasa are dead. Long live Google Photos and Google Blogs! In what could be seen as Google’s mid-life crisis, the internet search giant is going full steam ahead with their new social network, Google+, looking to make it the hub of all things Google and change their image in the process.

Since its launch, we’ve seen the UI from Google+ creep into some of our favorite Google services like Gmail and Google Calendar. Not content with UI tweaks, Mashable is reporting that Google will also be rebranding some of their most popular products including Blogger and Picasa and transforming them into Google Pictures and Google Blogs. Oh- and don’t worry, Youtube will remain unchanged.

These newly rebranded services will be fully integrated into Google+ giving them new life among Google’s social network. The new and improved Google and its services should see a complete transformation within the next 6 weeks in anticipation of Google+ being made available for the general public.

As much as I love Google, I’m still trying to figure out which is more annoying; Apple’s famous “i” front of all their products or “Google this” and “Google that.”

[Via Mashable]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. iThis and iThat is easier to make fun of. So I’d say Google this and Google that is more practical.

  2. Well you could google this or that and find an answer … try i’ing this this or that and you might find a picture of yourself.

  3. Well it is a Google product, so its not weird. What the hell is i still doing around?

  4. Definitely the i

  5. “Youtube will remain unchanged.”

    I wish that were true.


  7. go go go go go give me my google+ i for one cant wait to see my facebook go down in a fiery blaze

    1. Seconded…

      1. thirded

  8. So… Mashable won’t share anything to actually prove this? Sounds like nothing more than a rumor, at this point.

  9. “Google this” and “Google that” annoying? Not to me! It’s their brand! “Picasa” and “Blogger” are stupid names and even isolate the services from Google users because their names don’t even conjure up thoughts of Google unless you know beforehand that Google owns them.

    1. I agree. I always hate how when companies acquire other services, they never drop the branding. Sometimes it’s for a good reason. It kind of bothers me that Google Videos (being discontinued) and YouTube aren’t really one and the same. Rebranding would hurt the service a lot, though. Picasa and Blogger aren’t popular enough or talked about enough to do much damage to the brand by renaming them and integrating them into Google+.

      It’s definitely something that makes me shy away from Yahoo and Microsoft more than I already would. They own a lot of properties, more than they can manage, but they fail to consistently brand them, especially acquisitions. Yahoo alone has Mail, Search, MapQuest, Flickr, Answers, etc. Microsoft has Bing, Xbox, Zune, Skype, etc.

      Google did immediately rebrand GrandCentral, though.

      1. google video still exists? i thought that been went away

    2. I disagree. I prefer Picasa and Blogger. And Youtube, Google photos is a gay name

  10. I like the utilitarian nature of the NEW (if true) names.. no fancy schmancy just call it what it is.

  11. I like the simplicity of “Google Maps” and “Google Music”. Everybody and their mother have come up with an iCrap accessory for anything and everything Apple. Besides, putting an “i” in front of everything just indicates that those at Apple really are hipsters. Bunch of ‘MOs if you ask me.

    1. I fail to see the difference between that and google. It is all just name branding.

      1. Don’t you mean iFail? lls

  12. It’s long past time to unsubscribe from this feed.

    1. Way to announce that to a world of nobody that cares.

  13. I hope there is work yet to be done on the integration. None of the thousands of face tags I have in Picassa survive when viewed in Google+. Google+ currently wants you to retag them all. Not.

  14. “Mashable is reporting that Google will also be rebranding some of their most popular products including Blogger and Picasa and transforming them into Google Pictures and Google Blogs respectively.”

    so blogger is gonna be renamed google pictures and picasa is gonna be renamed google blogs? interesting…

    (might want to switch one of those pairs of words around, if you want to use the word respectively)

  15. what? google this? and google that?

    that’s like saying microsoft word, and microsoft excel, and microsoft one note… or or adobe reader, adobe flash,

    1. Totally agree. Having Google in front of the their product name is no different to any other company and is completely different from Apple prefixing their products with i. Calling a pair of trainers, a motor vehicle or mobile phoens are all referred to by their make and model. Same goes for pretty much any type of software.

  16. I like google this and google that, sorta like virgin this and virgin that. I wish they would come up with less silly sounding names. I love the way that virgin galactic isn’t obviously a spaceline and virgin atlantic isn’t obviously an airline. Google earth, scholar, latitude and google chrome are awesome because they’re sorta tangential. They’re memorable and leave you with a question when you first hear them. I got a lot more excited for chrome when I found out what the name meant.

    1. I agree. Imagine they stupidly called it Google Browser. How much interest would that raise.
      Why not call Picasa Google Shots, and Blogger – Google Thoughts?

  17. Who cares? I just can’t believe that I didn’t my f’n Google+ invite yet. Talk about a half-assed launch. I was excited, checking my inbox regularly for the first couple days. Now, the excitement has definitely worn off.

  18. What about Picasa… the photo editing program that beats the ever-loving piss out of Live and iPhoto?

  19. Not much different than Apple using “i” in front of everything.

    iPhoto, iChat, iCal, iPhone, iPad, iMac, iPod, iOS, etc

    1. To me I is too personal. It just plays to the nature of nowadays generation’s egoistic trends. It legitimizes the idea of self as the center of universe and refuses the community experience that we Android crowd share. Putting the brand name or You(tube) in front is much better.
      P.S.: I do realize that i started from internet rather than I, nevertheless…

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