Galaxy S II Moves 3 Million Units in 55 Days to Become Samsung’s Fastest-Selling Handset


What took the original Samsung Galaxy S 85 days to achieve has taken the Galaxy S II a mere 55: Samsung has sold 3 million of their new dual-core flagship. While big sales in the manufacturer’s native Korea play a large part in the figure, Sammy also pointed to increased sales across Europe as key in helping to achieve the milestone. Samsung has been the best-selling mobile brand in the UK for the past 17 weeks and has made up for a third of smartphone sales in Austria and Switzerland. But the Galaxy S II’s rollout hasn’t ceased yet. The phone was just launched in Mexico and Brazil, and will soon make its way to North America via several Canadian carriers. Now if we could only get a release date for the US version.

[via Samsung]

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  1. Does that make it the fastest selling android phone?

  2. Is that 3 million phones in user hands or 3 million phones sold to distributors/retail shops? There’s a big difference.

  3. I promise this is the carriers fucking with the phone why we don’t have it yet.

    The only positive thing that can come out of this is that we are waiting for Exynos and not some other processor tossed in in order to rush sales.

    I’m still waiting for more Hercules info.

    1. Here in Mexico the GSII came with the Exynos!

      1. That’s good. If it was something else then I would be concerned.

    2. Agreed on Hercules, I could handle T-Mobile, just don’t know what to think about AT&T sucking them up: hello to no more 42HSPA+ towers, 3G and a boat load of dropped calls.

      1. I have an ATT work phone and a TMo personal and ATT is pure trash in South KC. I just really want to know if the TMo tower that provides me with PERFECT reception at my house will continue to give me TMo banded 4G for 2 years after the deal.

  4. Apple… youre a POS for sueing your competition like a pack of whiny nerds looking for vagisil. If your suit has anything to do with its US launch delay…. OoOoOOo imma do absolutely nothing because theyre the big bad corporation and im a peon… I think LuLz Sec stopped one target too short.

    1. What the heck are you talking about? I bought one ($699), and love it. It works with ATT bands and surprisingly I do get H+ depending on the location. I was a bit hesitant about Touchwiz, but the new version is just flawless. I also do have an iPhone 4, but I think I am just going to sell it to Gazelle.com
      I bet you haven’t even seen one.

      1. I REALLY don’t believe that a phone that was destined for a European market will work in the U.S. Okay maybe on edge or 3g but 4G? I’m calling bullshit right there. Thanks for the lies, I hope no one is that stupid to believe you.

        1. AT&T has the same networks that we have in Europe, so true that it works. H+ is not 4G, it’s 3.5G… but AT&T did not want to stay behind Verizon and Sprint, so they managed to change rules, and now in USA H+ is considered 4G! All European phones have H+, so they work in AT&T too.

          1. Thank you sir for clearing that up, wasn’t sure if he meant that it was running at 4G speeds. After reading that article of the Galaxy S2 I am 100% sure that I will not touch one, again I am truly happy with my Evo 3D. Thanks again for the article link!

          2. I have a Vibrant, and I get H+ in my town on T-Mo. H+ speeds on my 3G device hit about 5-6MBPS download, and 1.5 upload. That was the nice feature of H+, it was backwards compatible to some extent. So, I’m already cruising the internet at faster speeds than Sprints 4G, and I’m still on a 3G phone.

            The International versions of the SGSII operate on the 1700 and 1900 bands. T-Mo uses 1700 and 2100, whereas AT&T uses 1500 and 1900. So, an international phone will work on both, just only on one band each.

            I thought that the T-Mo/AT&T merger would clear out the two extraneous bands and force the US to match up with the international standard. However, it turns out that AT&T just wants to remove T-Mo’s equipment and replace it with their own. When that happens, all T-Mo customers will lose their 3G/4G/H+, and will be stuck on 2G forever.

        2. I’m taking your comment card away from you. First you call that wack article “informative” and then you don’t know enough about any of this to know that the Euro SGSI9100 has AT&T HSPA+ bands and therefore anyone on ATT can use it to it’s fullest.

          1. Lol pimp I think that kid JonnyPo really wants to “Make himself believe” that his evo is a lot better than the SGSII rofl

            Why else on earth would he be here on the SGSII reporting that it sold over 3million in 55days? Crazy kid…

        3. Hey jonny no one on here gives a toss about what you think cus you haven’t seen one nevermind touched a Galaxy SII before. So stfu and gtfo if you don’t know what your blabbering on about with your t r a p :o

          1. Go suck a dick you fucking baby, I won’t waste anymore of my time or words on you.

    2. Hey Flavio, thanks for the article link. Wow, it looks like Samsung really fucked up that device. Who ever sees this link should click on it, very informative.

      1. Bullshit informative. It sounded like somebody was listening in to the customer complaint area and took notes.

        1. My SGS2 only gets hot when your play games while plugging in charger and slight pink spit in center of camera. Other than that no problem here.. G2X and Sensation have many more bugs.

  5. I understand the Korean hype…but I just don’t see it translating with that kind of magnitude in the U.S.

    Even though I do not appreciate Samsung’s apparent disdain for Customer complaints, their inability to get their devices Android updated as quickly as others and the seeming Eff You to North America vis-a-vis getting the SGSII in US stores, I was still willing to kick the tires on it (AKA toured all of the feedback).

    Seems like a great phone…but the interface was the deal breaker for me. They just want to be Apple too much. That coupled with the Samsung fanboy nonsense coming off like Applefanboy nonsense and I passed and went with the htc EVO 3D.

    1. I totally agree with you as far as the interface. But I would root it and put a different rom on there just to get that ugly wannabe apple UI out of there. I like the phone because of the specs, especially the amoled screen and its powerful processor. I just hope the Sprint version doesnt look too much like the Iphone. – Evo

      1. Yeah. I reckon if folks wanna root it then well and good. But it’s not that deep for me to go and retool the thing. It’s either clean from jump or it isn’t. Sense 3.0 is clean and familiar. Fire up my 4G, drop in my 32gigs and keep it moving. :) – EVO to EVO 3D

        1. HELL YEAH!

      2. You and UniteUs are a couple of nuts. They are all icons that you would need to press and launch something. Touchwiz 4 is just a blast to work/play with and who cares if it looks a bit iPhonish. What do you want, maybe DOS commands to lunch those programs???..The phone is awesome. I’ve had it for a few days now (unlocked, no US carrier brand version..works great with ATT 3G bands), and love it. I and I know many others don’t appreciate as well that if you haven’t tried the phone don’t make such unintelligent and uninformed comments. You like something else, let it be.

        1. Must feel pretty good to be one of a few people here in the states rocking that beast. Hows those new TW4 features?

        2. Because if I want something that looks like an iPhone…I’ll get an iPhone. #Facepalm

          1. I got the SGS II because it looked like a SGS II not like an iPhone4.
            You guys obviously haven’t seen one nevermind touched one so all your comments are….invalid.

            Samsung fanboy? Sorry I’m not. I’m just honest when I see a good produc, I admit it.

      3. Why would you go through the trouble(which is no trouble) of rooting when all you have to do is put something like Launcher Pro on there? I for one can’t stand the TW launcher and app drawer simply because I don’t like it. Not because of any Apple BS.

        Launcher Pro is perfect IMO and therefore I have TW and all it’s awesome features running underneath LP. Win win.

        1. Haha alot of you root tools remind me of guys who pimp out a Hyundai & Mazda two seater. You dont have to gut a BM or Lexus…you just toss some rims (case) on it and roll.

          You go ahead and waste your time tweaking something that is supposed to already be on point (according to all of the Samsung fanboys).

          I’ll stick with what is…

          …because I have a life and it is not on or in my phone.

          1. Says the man on the tech blog site.

          2. LOL!

    2. You are so right United! I highly doubt that they will even make an impact on the market this time around. We only get the out dated stripped down version of the phone here in the U.S. I really doubt the phone will sell as much as they did with the original Galaxy S. After that whole Froyo bullshit I would not touch another Samsung phone, they don’t even send maintenance updates for their crappy devices like Motorola and HTC. I will stick with one of those companies, I refuse to root my new device and throw a custom ROM just to enjoy my phone. I prefer to buy one I can enjoy right of the box, like my Evo 3D!

  6. Too bad the U.S will get the crappy stripped down versions of that phone, and by the time it even reaches the U.S and carriers Galaxy S 3 will be soon releasing. The hell with Samsung they only give a fuck about our market when they cant push any more of their plastic crappy devices to their own people. It is amazing how Motorola and HTC can be so consistent with new hardware yet Samsung just re-brands and renames all their old ass galaxy s phones. I REALLY doubt they will sell that many phones in the U.S due to the fact that it will be soooo outdated, plus people don’t want last years tech. Samsung can shove that phone up their ass, way up there too. that’s my opinion.

  7. really would like one of these but I just cant wait much longer, my droid 1 is dying fast . . . do I go with a droid 3 on verizon or bounce over to sprint for an EVO 3D?

  8. I paid $32.67 for a XBOX 360 and my mom got a 17 inch Toshiba laptop for $94.83 being delivered to our house tomorrow by FedEX. I will never again pay expensive retail prices at stores. I even sold a 46 inch HDTV to my boss for $650 and it only cost me $52.78 to get. Here is the website we using to get all this stuff, LiveCent.com

  9. bring the god damn GS2 to verizon!

  10. I just love the Samsung Galaxy S2. Before I had the HTC Desire HD and although HTC Sense is pretty cool I prefer the Galaxy S2 with TouchWiz.

  11. TouchWiz has many shortcuts that people don’t know and think it sux. Like pressing both Home + Power buttons to take screenshot, swiping on notification bar to change brightness, press and hold a number (1,2,3,4 ect) and slide left or right to move quickly through homescreen or app drawer, swipe left on contact to send message, swipe right to call, ect..

    1. I can’t wait to get my hands on TW4 after using a Vibrant for a week short of a year now. Its just the stupid 4 bottom icons and the left to right app drawer that I can’t live with.

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