Apps of the Day: Checkbook Pro, Sheep at Stake and More


We haven’t downloaded many apps over the past few days, what with the 4th of July keeping us busy and all. Here are a few that stood out to me. For whatever reason, I like ugly checkbooks. It’s true in real life and true on Android. Molovi could hire a dedicated UI guy, but it works. Enough of my griping, though – let’s just take a look at the apps.

Checkbook Pro – Ever look at your bank account, see that you have 100$, buy a $50 dinner and get rejected because you apparently have insufficient funds? Yea, that’s never fun. Most folks use manual checkbooks to keep track of what they’re buying and to make sure they’re not overspending, but the folks at Molovi are bringing the functionality to your handset. Not the greatest looking application in the world, but it’s functional and it’s cheap at $.99. [Market]

PushDoc – For those moments where you just can’t seem to find a USB cable, PushDoc is the type of app you’ll want. You can transfer files between your phone and PC. Yea, it’s that simple but no less useful. Both devices must be on the same WiFi netwok. [Market]

Sheep at Stake – Yes, I know I said I was done with the tower defense games, but when that game involves snowballs and goats, I’m all over it. When you see those sheep jump across you when you’re dreaming, they’re really just trying to get them back to a better place. I can’t imagine they’re going very far or anywhere significant, but they’re going. Find this unique download at the link to the right. [Market]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. looking at the market, Sheep at Stake doesn’t look like a tower defense game, at all.

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