Serving Up Your Fourth of July BBQ with Android (Recipe Inside)


Here we are, the Fourth of July has arrived, and for those of us living in the good ol’ US of A that means a day of grilling, chilling, and bloating up on plenty of food and drink. That also means you have probably been invited to a cookout with the suggestion that you bring your favorite patriotic dish to share. If you’re like me you’ve probably waited until the last minute, so I am going to help you out with a simple and quick dessert idea: patriotic ice cream sandwiches. See, it’s both patriotic and vaguely Android-related (Ice Cream Sandwich, duh) and it only requires three ingredients:

  • Popsicle sticks or skewers
  • Ice cream sandwiches
  • Red, white, and blue sprinkles

You can probably see where this is going, but in case you need some help putting it together:

  1. Insert popsicle stick or skewer into ice cream sandwich lengthwise,
  2. hold ice cream sandwich by newly created handle and dip into dish of red, white, and blue sprinkles,
  3. make sure to coat every visible bit of ice cream around the edges of the sandwich with sprinkles,
  4. keep nice and cold until ready to serve.

Now that’s one delicious ice cream sandwich you won’t have to wait a 6-8 month development cycle to enjoy. Instant gratification!

For other holiday food and dessert ideas a few options exist in the Android Market. The aptly-named Fourth of July Recipes includes plenty of foods that will make you proud to be an American including All-American Baby Back Ribs, For-the-Glory Pie, and more. Most are variations on traditional BBQ fare, and all seem like a pretty safe bet this Independence Day. If you’d rather not spend $1.38 on a holiday-specific app, Epicurious is always a good choice for finding some great recipes. You’ll just need to get creative and add a splash of American Pride to the mix. Food coloring, anyone?

I can smell the grill firing up already and my mouth is watering. How about yours? Throw your own favorite July 4th and BBQ recipes in the comments below!

Kevin Krause
Pretty soon you'll know a lot about Kevin because his biography will actually be filled in!

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  1. If only I wasn’t as lazy as I am today, I would make these.

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