Jul 4th, 2011

We’re already counting down the days until Verizon launches the Motorola Droid 3… July 7th if you didn’t know. Now we’re hoping the Droid Bionic will face a similar fate, get a launch date, and leap into our hands. After all, it will (god willing) be the first 4G dual-core Android device to launch on big red.

The above picture comes from the FCC and looks to be the Droid Bionic. If it is that means its one step closer to seeing store shelves. Of course the Droid Bionic has been delayed and delayed so at this point, nothing quite suffices as imminent. But let’s put all that behinds us and get the dual core 4G action into the public’s hands once and for all- whaddaya say, Verizon?

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