Jul 1st, 2011


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Just as any young single stud would be doing on a Friday night of a holiday weekend, I was browsing through Google+… when an Incoming stream post caught my eye:

Immediately I thought about Facebook, all the double posting problems, and how if you make a mistake you’ve got to delete your post and start over. How nice that you can simply edit your posts! Unless someone with devious plans, like myself, comes along:

There is definitely an inherent problem with being able to edit your threads and posts, which the above video illustrates. Most online forums and community-style message boards allow you a certain time period of post-editing ability, after which your post is pretty much locked into place. Twitter allows you to delete (not edit) tweets, but of course the ones you wish you could take back probably get captured in print screen glory or google cache before you can snap your fingers.

That being said, those who were “tricked” in my 5 minute social experiment struck back, editing their own posts.

But it begs the question… what are the default edit settings on Google+ and how could it effect you? Sure you can always edit/delete your comments but what if you don’t catch something in time or the original poster edits theirs far, far down the road? Would love to hear what you think about post editing capabilities.

Have a great weekend Apple Lovers slash Steve Jobs fantasizers!

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