Apps of the Day: Sports Tracker, Settlers of Catan, and More


The end of the week is upon us, but a whole new month is beginning. The Android Market is oblivious to all of these things, and the apps keep coming. No worry, Apps of the Day is here to help you sort out just what’s worth downloading. Today we have a sports and fitness app that has made waves on other platforms, an updated tablet version of a populat flight tracking app, and a classic board game transformed for Android smartphones. Read on for more.

Sports Tracker – Sports Tracker might be new to Android, but it isn’t new to the fitness tracking rodeo. First launched in 2007, the app has seen great success on Nokia handsets and iOS devices. As expected, the app will track nearly every facet of your workout from calories burned to training altitude. All data is stored in a workout diary so you can map and track your progress. Once you collect that data you can share it with friends via Facebook and Twitter, and if that doesn’t keep you motivated I don’t know what will. [Market]

FlightTrack – Another tracking app, but this one isn’t counting calories. FlightTrack isn’t new to Android but has recently been updated to support tablets running Honeycomb. A large map making great use of the extra screen real estate shows flight routes while new widgets keep you updated on flight statuses at a glance. A refined search makes locating your flights a breeze. Now if only there was a way to change your travel plans from “business” to “vacation” with one touch… [Market]

Settlers of Catan – The popular German-style board game has come to Android, bringing everything you could want from the real-world counterpart over into a digital realm (and more). Compete with up to four players or against one of several computer-controlled characters, each with their own strategies and style of play. Choose from three maps (Classic, US, German), tweak and combine game rules, and enjoy fun animations and sound effects as you immerse yourself in a world of strategy and settlement building. A bit pricey at $4.33, but worth it to any fan of the original game or multi-player strategy games in general. [Market]


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  1. Read the Catan reviews and purchase at your own risk :(

  2. I mean if it looks dodgy then $4.33 is steep.

    But it is a great price if it works well. Small World on the iPad is 9.99 and I’m still willing to pay that

    1. too bad small world isn’t on android too :(

  3. The game works perfectly on the g2x, I have to say the interface and smooth gameplay is great (but maybe because my phone can run it)

  4. Hive Player – the only third party honeycomb music player with a scrollable widget that can play/navigate music on its own.

    Hive Player Lite:
    Hive Player:

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