Motorola Droid Launching July 7th via Direct Fulfillment, In Stores July 14th


The Motorola Droid 3 is rumored for either a July 7th or July 14th release date, and it looks like both will pan out to be true. A new leak is confirming that the Droid 3 will launch on July 7th for direct fulfillment then land in stores on July 14th. No price comes along with the confirmation of the next entry into the Droid lineup’s release, but you probably wouldn’t be wrong to guess $199.

We’ll await Verizon’s official confirmation, but if you’ve been looking forward to the Droid 3 you most definitely won’t have long to wait.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. What about Droid BIONIC?
    I love, love, love, my OG droid but hardly ever used the QWERTY pad. If the Droid 3 was skinnier (lacked QWERTY) I would contemplate buying it but if the candy bar style BIONIC is also coming soon I’d rather get that.

    1. Just passed through FCC rumors are saying july 28.

  2. wwhat is direct fulfillment?

    1. where the device gets shipped to you via verizon’s warehouse

  3. Now that’s a real cell phone.
    This should put MMI on the map.

  4. No LTE??

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