HTC EVO 3D Gets Root Courtesy of Team Win


Ladies and gentlemen, after signs of potential arose when an exploit was uncovered by the hardworking Team Win, root has been achieved for the HTC EVO 3D on both the out-of-the-box software build and most recent OTA update. Root was achieved by Android dev agrabren, though the exploit in question isn’t available to the general public just yet. That step will come next, but for now EVO 3D users can rest a bit easier knowing that their new handsets are primed to get cracked open and modded to heck and back. And who wouldn’t? With the hardware pulsing inside the EVO 3D’s case, the potential for Android greatness is almost endless. Stay tuned to the source link below for the latest on the progress of root on the EVO 3D.

[via AndroidForums]

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  1. i hope they can quickly get one going for the Sensation as well. Ive been using it for 2 weeks now without root, that just isnt right…

    1. two weeks without root? oh god.. you poor man. all android devices should be rooted without 24 hours of purchase

      1. My Evo 4G was rooted within 2 hours :D

        1. actually toast rooted the evo before it was released to the public

      2. Yup..G2x rooted less than 24hrs after purchase ;)

        1. evo 4g was rooted before the phone was available to purchase nuff said

    2. idk about you guys…teamwin isn’t releasing the exploit and none of them have sensations.

      1. why would they, it made the phone unusable, they are working on it. Dont expect it tomorrow or anything unless they find something new tonight that will aid them in doing this. props to all of us in the thread over at XDA to aid in getting this part accomplished. TEAMWIN FTW!

  2. Well that settles it, I will be upgrading from my EVO 4G to the EVO 3D.

  3. Question for people who know android dev:

    Are the evo 3d and the sensation 4g hboots the same? I believe that if the hboot is the same, sense 3.0 is the same, and th signature locking mechanism used is the same then this exploit will work with the sensation 4g also? Am I confused about this?

    1. The exploit is in the kernel, not the hboot. They claim to have achieved an unstable root which doesn’t involve getting around any ‘signature locking mechanism’. It allows you to alter the system partition only, everything else is still write-protected. You can’t flash custom ROMs or anything like that. Good chance that it will work for the Sensation though.

  4. The bootloader is still locked… No Cyanogen(mod) or any other custom roms until htc releases the unlock which could be never. This is why I don’t buy Motorola products.
    Until then, I will be waiting for the Galaxy S II…

    1. This is what I don’t get. Did you know that the Samsung Epic 4G doesn’t have CyanogenMod yet? It doesn’t matter if it has a locked bootloader or not, there’s no guarantee that a specific device will get specific levels of developer love. CyanogenMod has been in test form on the Epic 4G for months and it isn’t even official. That will probably change with a Gingerbread source release, but you could end up waiting and waiting and waiting no matter which phone you buy.

      1. Not initially due to it’s popularity or lack there of. Recently the Galaxy line got Cyanogen(mod) support.
        It doesn’t matter if the Bootloader is unlocked!?
        It totally matters if the Bootloader is unlocked. FYI, without a unlocked Bootloader, there is no booting into a Custom Recovery allowing you to flash other roms.
        Being that the Evo 4G was such a hit, it got tons of dev love and is Cyanogen himself’s device of choice next to the Nexus One. I dont see why this wouldn’t be the case for the Evo 3d given we have a Bootloader unlock.

      2. Sorry, but the reason it wasn’t supported for the longest time is because everyone passed on the Samsung Kool-Aid. Even with the Galaxy S II I still pass lol

    2. They are already working on s-off bootloader. Also we have the eng bootloader, i’m pretty sure we can use it once we have root to get an unlocked bootloader.

      1. Unfortunately, Root is the easy part. S-Off on the other hand…

        1. So true… well at least we are going somewhere. I kind of feel bad for the sensation peeps especially the ones in Europe who had the phone for more than a month.

      2. Incredible S had root from launch, and a leaked eng bootloader not long after. Apparently S-OFF has recently been achieved by AlphaRev but it’s a long way from root to S-OFF.

    3. o.O That is an HTC product.

  5. I rooted it first…..in my mind at least :0)

  6. with root access the custom recovery can be flashed to the correct partition and you can flash whatever you want. custom recoveries dont check the signature and/or it can be toggled on or off.

    s-off just guarantees if you flash something and lose root, something else can easily be flashed without the need to worry about finding another exploit.

    seriously some of you people need to do some research before pissing and whining about s-off and what it does..

    dd if=recovery.img of=recovery/partition/


    rom manger install cwm. nothing to do with the bootloader….

    if HTC unlocked the bootloader first, finding an exploit would of been pointless, because you could of just flashed the recovery or rooted filesystem from the bootloader and been done.

  7. i just pissed myself…

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