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It’s been a crazy day here at Phandroid and the internet was turned upside down tonight with Google allowing invites to their new uber exclusive Google+ social network. The flood of new peoples from all over the world actually but quite a strain on Google’s servers causing them to shut down the invite service for the day. And what Vic Gundotra has closed, let no man put asunder.

If you weren’t one of the lucky ones to snag an invite but still wanted to see exactly what you were missing out on, I have made for you (what was supposed to be a quick) video tour of Google+ web version as well as the Android app released yesterday. Also, wanted to give you guys some quick tips for new Google+ users.

  • Immediately go into your Google+ Settings and modify you notification settings. You’ll learn quick that Google+ will fill up your email inbox pretty quick.
  • Import Facebook contacts to Yahoo, import Yahoo contacts to Google+, make circle named Facebook, share posts to Facebook circle.
  • There are no “Friend Requests.” Anyone can add you to their circle, it’s a lot like “Following” someone on Twitter.
  • Loophole to invite more friends: Make a post. Share post with someone by email. Have friend click “Learn More About Google+” and from there they can sign up.
  • The auto upload feature for pics and videos doesn’t mean all your pictures and videos will be shared with everyone automatically. They will be stored in a “ready to share” folder where you choose which pics/videos to share to Google+.

Got anymore tips and/or tricks to add? Post them in the comments!

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

Google+ Invite Feature Has Been Shut Down – Vic Gundotra Speaks

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  1. This is my guide to Unlimited Invites http://imgur.com/66rMO

    1. Just tested it and it works. Thanks for sharing. :D

      1. No problem, now let’s take over the Social Networking once and for all.

        1. Hi Jano,

          If you have anymore invites I’d like one please.
          meeharun at gmail dot com


          1. jcx4ever at gmail (dot) com .. Pls.. pls. pls

        2. Your invite just reverts me to the sign up page. Do I need to do something else other than click on your shared post to unlock the other features?

      2. can you add me, jhektour at gmail dot com, you’re going to be my hero

      3. Would love an invite!

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      5. could you share an invitation please? :D *puppy eyes* lol [email protected] Thanks in advance!!!

    2. please add me stephen.kopanski at gmail. I’d appreciate it so much

      1. Umm could you possibly elaborate on what to do once you get the email? It keeps reverting me back to sign up page :/

        1. Once you click that link you should be inside Google+. You’ll know it when you see it =p

          1. Technically I’m inside but all I can do is view the invite post. Clicking “Join Google+” “+You” or the logo all redirect me to signup page D:

          2. Maybe it’s restricted to US only? Little hint: “Already invited? We’ve temporarily exceeded our capacity. Please try again soon.”

          3. @Krzysztof I’m in the US and I have a Google Profile so I’m not sure what the problem could be :/

        2. Unfortunately same thing happened to me. :(

          1. Dang. Does anybody know any other way to get in? Black magic perhaps?

    3. Please someone send me some Google+ love~!

      XXX I GOT IN!! at gmail

    4. May I get an invite please? [email protected] thanks in advance!

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    12. Dude mind sending an invite if its not too much trouble Thanks!!

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      would make my day. :D

  2. i would really appreciate an invite to Google+

    1. i need ur email

      1. please can you invite [email protected] too


        1. thanks – but the join google+ link in the post just takes me back to google+ homepage now..

          1. Same here, same here.

          2. Could anyone send me an invite or share something on google+ so that i can register? [email protected]

      2. If you could send an invite that’d be great! [email protected]

      3. if u can send one id appriacte it…..im dieing to drop facebook YOU HAVE NO IDEA…. [email protected]

        edit: THANK MANS…..gotta love the android community…i really appreciate this man….i only pray this murders facebook eventually but thanks man….once they open the servers ill be inviting people as well…gotta look out for my fellow android lovers =D

      4. the.unforgiven.angels AT gmail….

      5. [email protected] greatly appriciated!

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  15. Any invites still out there or next time they come live, would really appreciate one:

  16. Hey Jano can you send me an invite? I can’t wait to try Google+ out, thanks. [email protected]

  17. Thanks for sharing this, BUT do blow your nose before a videocast!

    1. Really? I blew my nose like 40 times before I made the video. I’ve blown my nose about 80 times after the video. I still can’t breathe. My nose is still gross. And I still can’t see straight cuz of my congestion headaches.

      Ever been sick before?

  18. do you have enough tabs open? haha

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      1. I can’t find you =/

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    1. Don’t delete it, use it to tell your friends about Google+

  25. Google + really is awesome and a breath of fresh air compared to Facebook. I am still testing much of it with a few friends and I like it. I may just well say goodbye to Facebook.

    By the way folks, Vic took down the invite button due to extremely high demand. Currently unable to invite people at this point but somewhere down the line they may put it back up.

    1. I would greatly appreciate an invite, plllleeeaseee!! [email protected]

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