Google+ Invite Feature Has Been Shut Down – Vic Gundotra Speaks


We all knew this was coming. With the flood of anxious Google/Android loving followers rushing to get into club Google+, the demand was so huge, so “insane,” it had to be shut down. A short while ago we reported that after 24 hours, Google+ users were finally allowed to invite friends and family to join in on the Google party. But just like that hip night club in LA, Google+ quickly rose to capacity and even overloaded their servers with people’s status updates and video chatting via “Hangouts.”

Vic Gundotra had this to say on his profile:

We’ve shut down invite mechanism for the night. Insane demand. We need to do this carefully, and in a controlled way. Thank you all for your interest!

For any who wish to leave, please remember you can always exit and take your data with you by using Google Takeout.

It’s your data, your relationships, your identity.

Not too sure what this Google Takeout business is (too scared to click the link) but I would imagine it not only wipes you off the face of the internet – but the earth as well. Use with caution.

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Well I can say that I contributed to this. :p

  2. nope google takeout lets you get a copy of your personal data, just like facebook does.. except its a copy of everything or one part that you want :D

  3. Afraid to click the link? All it does is archive all of your Google services data, and allows you to download it… doesn’t delete anything.

    1. Bobby Thompson who lives across the street clicked the link. These men in suits showed up to his house and took Bobby away… o_O

      1. I know i cant click the link, since I got Google life installed in my brain things have been,,,,,,,Amazing. The men in suits will show up and take my brain!

        1. and still no invite to google +, you let them install a chip in your brain and they dont call you in the morning. I said chip on purpose by the way. Dont get confused with microchip. Its 12″x10″. Think creepy Xenobiologist from the Green Lantern move meets middle aged, overweight bald guy. Pretty cool turn by turn directions over wifi. Silly Verizon wants $5k per mouth for brain tethering. Unless I opt for the new family mind control plan. What savings,,hold on while I click this link. ALL HAIL VERIZON! ALL OTHER CELLULAR PROVIDERS ARE INFERIOR. RESISTANCE IS FUTILE!

      2. could you find out/explain what this means for those of us that got invites but haven’t been able to activate accounts? did they just shut down the ability to send invites or did they retroactively rescind invites that got sent?

  4. Mann and I just got an invite too…I so want to try G+. Hurry Google and make it open to the public, pleeeaaaasssseeeeee.

    1. I’m looking for a g+ invite email [email protected]

  5. To bad you have to be 18 to use Google+, got so excited when I got a invite.. Than I got this: http://goo.gl/hzcQQ

  6. i got an invite hours ago and have been unable to join, while everyone i know who got an invite after i did was able to. im going to burn $*#% down till i get in, very frustrated. tried doing it on phone, tablet and computer. tried multiple browsers. tried deleting gmail accounts. google still doesn’t believe i have an invite even though i do.

    1. Could be worse, you could have TWO invites in your email & not old enough to use either one.

    2. what’s your e-mail address? i’ll get you in

      1. Hi Jed, would you still be able to send me an invite at [email protected]? I greatly appreciate it . Thanks.

      2. Hey, would you be able to chuck me an invite too? [email protected]
        I’d appreciate it greatly!

      3. Hi Jed!
        Can you invite me? :)
        [email protected]

      4. Hey Jed, any chance you could work your magic on my account jmart75 (at) gmail.com. I have an invite, but like the rest of the gang I was too late to actually use it. I’m just wondering if the post loophole still works.

      5. If possible – i would like an invite too

        [email protected]

      6. I would love an invite if anybody has one. [email protected]

  7. I got an invite a few hours ago too, only to find out that I must be 18 years of age. I’m so frustrated right now.

    1. They aren’t going to do anything to Facebook with the age requirement, a big chunk of Facebook users are Highschool students.

      1. You mean like how 100% of the Facebook users were college students back in the day?

    2. I’m 22 Ill take it :P

  8. Good thing I was in before the lock :D

  9. WHEW! just got in before they stopped it! It is FREAKIN’ AWESOME!!!

  10. so there’s a loop hole in their system i guess, because i keep adding people, by posting something and putting their e-mails in the shared spot, and they are able to make accounts… i know for a fact because those people i added a few wrote on the post thanking me

    just to be clear, i’m not sure how long this loophole will last, but for the people that i’ve added could you pay it forward and add as many as you can as well? spread the word before they shut it down!

    apparently they closed off the loop hole… my friend told me on facebook, go figure, i did my best to invite everyone that i could :/

    1. wanna help a brother out…–nothing to see here–

      1. sent

        1. nope no beans :( it still says i need a invite :(((((((((((

        2. Your rock!
          [email protected]

    2. I just gave you a like. Can you hook me up?

      arnmsctt at gmail

      1. sent

        1. Still a no-go for me. Thanks though. You’re still the man.

    3. If you could help me out I would appreciate it:

      [email protected]

      1. not sure if it’ll work for this type of email address, but i sent an invite anyways

        1. Can I be a shameless beggar, too?

          [email protected]

        2. Seriously, what a stand up guy! Many thanks man.

        3. Damn, the post got deleted and so now when I click the email link it says page not found. When you first set it up it was already closed for the night.

          Thanks for trying, though!

        4. Mr. Jed if you’re still awake i’d love an invite :D
          [email protected]

    4. Oh, I’d love an invite if you can!

      [email protected]

      1. sent

        1. Thanks so much!

    5. yoh can you invite me as well!?

      [email protected]

    6. Nice!

      1. could i please get an invite also guys?

        [email protected]


      2. Loving Google+

    7. dude thats so sweet… im 23, hit me up [email protected]

    8. hey i think it worked for me
      can you invite me to this email as well??
      i will like your post again

      1. so i sent you an invite, i’m pretty sure they closed the loop hole but if i works, let me know!

        1. nah it didnt work… but i was able to invite myself from my other email…? haha
          thanks a bunch tho!

          1. haha i tried! and enjoy

          2. can you send me one if they reopen?
            [email protected]


        2. i got your invite, but it looks like they did close it off… its not letting me in =[ … your cool in my book though bro ty

          1. i tried man, i tried, but i think whenever they do reopen the invites thing, at least you already got one haha

          2. haha yeah man, thanks so so much… you should be put on a pedestal and be bowed tooooo….haha, maybe a little overboard? Oh well, *bows*

        3. maybe try a different email, [email protected]

    9. I would love an invite also [email protected]

    10. Any way you can send one to mikeytusa {{at}} gmail.com? I would appreciate it.

    11. That’s awesome.. I’d really appreciate an invite greigtgmail.com

    12. if it’s still up I’d absolutely love an invite, thanks in advice!

      [email protected]

      1. Thanks for the invite Jed, you are THE man! :) Although I beleive it’s not working right now, I still really appreciate it :)

    13. I would still love an invite.. can you send one to [email protected]?

      1. sent let me know if it still works!

        1. Nope it doesnt :(
          Guess I have to wait for a while.. Thanks a lot dude.. I really appreciate it

          1. i tried man, i’m sorry it didn’t work :/

          2. Yeah you did! You are the Man.. Thanks again.. Hope to catch you in the google + soon

          3. Dude sorry to be very demanding.. Now it says that the link is not valid anymore :( if its not a problem please send one more invite to [email protected] or [email protected] sorry for the trouble

          4. My link to your comments wasn’t working either. Can you try sending another to mikeytusa {{at}} gmail? Thanks so much.

          5. or do you think we can try from a different id? can you send to [email protected] or [email protected]

          6. hey man can you send me one?? please :(
            [email protected]

          7. Hey Sajjeev can you please invite me? Much appreciated!

            [email protected]

        2. Yeah thanks so much for the invite Jed. It appears it’s not working anymore. I hope it gets opened up again — it’s hard to have a social network without…people. They do remember what happened to Wave, right? ;)

        3. can you do that for me also?, [email protected], thanks in advance

        4. Pretty please can I have one?

          [email protected]


    14. Please add me… love you long time


      1. i’ll try!

        1. If you could please send me one as well: [email protected] – apparently the invites will remain valid when they reopen the flood gates. Thank you kindly!

          1. I would love an invite as well if you could. I really feel like an ass asking though haha. [email protected]

        2. pleaaase send one my way too [email protected] thank you, thank you, thank you,

        3. Jed, you are the man! Awesome for spreading the Google+, Please include me on a post so I can join your new Phandroid army of followers! Now that you have an army, what is next?

          gmail XXX I GOT IN!!

        4. look what you did Jed!

          1. Add me if you can! burgosma(at)gmail(dot)com

    15. if its not too late can i get an invite too?


      update: thank you for the invite… but invites are still shut down =(

    16. I would like to request an invite too @

      [email protected]

      Thanks in advance.

    17. I was wondering if you would be able to send a second one on my other account for my brother, it’d really be amazing, thanks anyways! :)

      [email protected]

    18. i understand that they shut down the invite system for now but could u send me one for when they open it back up. [email protected]. hope to see everyone soon on google+ =)

    19. Can i have one? [email protected]

    20. [email protected] it would be so kind of you to send an invite while you can. I have a lot of friends/family/others looking to get on and we’ve all been waiting. thanks!

    21. Good effort… thanks.

    22. [email protected] please add me i would be so grateful, thanks

    23. Could you send me one oscaralvarez94@gmail

    24. I’d like to shamelessly beg for an invite as well. :$ My gmail.com: j.scruggs

      Thanks all. :)

    25. Can you also send me an invite?
      [email protected]

    26. From the start you could email people back that included you in a status update.

      Those people didn’t have direct access (tell them to create a new status – They won’t because they can’t).

    27. Jed, You could be the next big thing on Google!
      [email protected]
      I’d love an invite please!

    28. I’d love an invite
      asuka.kyomu at gmail

    29. Purposefully circumventing their lockouts which were put in place to deal with capacity issues is actually a pretty selfish thing to do. I understand your desire to help friends get on, I myself still want an invite but I’m not going to support people who do this sort of thing.

    30. Jed, would you be so kind and send me an invite!?
      blazevic.i at gmail

      thank u very much!

    31. Can anyone pls pls pretty pls send me an invite? Make me smile…
      [email protected]

    32. Can I get an invite!?! Much props to you!
      [email protected]

  11. Google Takeout’s an implementation of their http://www.dataliberation.org/ Data Liberation project.

  12. Im going to be depressed until I can join. I wish with all my might that I had a Google+ account tonight. If there is a loophole, can someone help a Google lover out? ibenwilson at gmail dot com

    1. sent you one


        1. haha no problem! what i posted holds true for now…

          1. It must be closed. But thanks. Google just punched me in the face.

          2. rahulsm5 at gmail..loophole me in please!

        2. Do you mind paying it forward with and invite? I’ll do the same. pllewis72 + gmail.com

      2. I’ll gladly take a loophole george.o.anderson at gmail

      3. Hi Mr.Tolentino,
        Can you send me one too? My email id is [email protected]

    2. Can send me an invite too? [email protected]

  13. Looking for an invite =] mckeown.jeremy at gmail

  14. I would love it if I can get it.

    [email protected]

  15. Can someone send an invite to mikeytusa {{at}} gmail.com ? I would appreciate it.

  16. Hi People..
    It would be great if any of you can invite me. I’m really eager to check this out!
    My id is [email protected]
    Thanks a ton for your time

  17. nope it doesnt work no more haha

  18. Damn, I asked at least ten people for an invite tonight and no luck. Oh well, it’ll come soon enough.

  19. Allways love your kind of funy writing chavez!

    “but I would imagine it not only wipes you off the face of the internet – but the earth as well.”

    we all know… google can do that and will do it!

  20. can i get an invite to gmail + please if it’s still up?

    [email protected]

  21. i doesnt have a lot of frds, this is useless…. fb is enough.

  22. Hey, anyone wanna send me an invite? [email protected] …. Thanks a ton, I’ll pay it forward. If Google+ is going to take off, it will need to hit a certain critical mass….

  23. can any1 send an invitation my way..wud really appreciate it
    [email protected]
    thanks a lot

  24. I would REALLY appreciate it !
    [email protected]

    Thanks man

  25. I’d love an invitation as well you guys.
    Would be very much appreciated!


  26. if this is still active, please count me in too.. dave(.)grateful@gmail(.)com

  27. Can somebody hook me up with an invite. [email protected]. It would be greatly appreciated.

  28. if you could toss an invite to xAdamDarin at gmail.com I’d appreciate! Thanks for helping everyone out, even though its closed up right now, the thought that we are one step closer is kind of exciting

  29. Can somebody hook me up with an invite. [email protected]. Thank You!!!

  30. just looking for a invite [email protected] anyone

  31. pls invite me :D
    [email protected]

  32. My guide to unlimited invites, have fun guys. http://imgur.com/66rMO

    1. Any chance you can throw one my way? [email protected]

    2. Hey Jano, I’d like to test your method out :D, I’d really appreciate an invite jmart75 (at) gmail.com. Sorry, to be such a pain, but I’m so excited to see this thing in action.

  33. Has anyone actually got in since the shutdown of invites? I’ve got an invite but can’t get in, does this second invite loophole work?

  34. Please invite me,
    then I will invite much people as possible in these comments.
    Let’s help together.
    modfs.gnommogmail .com

  35. I’d also like an invite if anyone can! [email protected]
    Thank you so much!

  36. I’d love an invite if anyone is able. [email protected]

  37. but still no invite to +, WTF Google. You let them put a chip in your brain and they never call you the next day.

  38. From one geek to another Please invite me to google +:

    [email protected]

    Any geek help would be greatly apprciated (o:’,

  39. if you have invites please send one to [email protected]

  40. too late to ask for an invite?
    [email protected]


  41. I would love an invite eldonsmithjr @ gmail.com

  42. I would really appreciate an invite!


  43. Why advertise this on YouTube, etc when nobody, even it’s most loyal paying customers can’t get an invite? This is a huge turn-off for apps users as well. I’m seeing the only alternative here to this is using Rockmelt for now. They are pushing for something big in the wake of Google’s New Wave (did I just say that?). Ouch! I own everything Google, I even converted my Netbooks to Android, I pay for their Business Apps, I own Android Phones, but where’s the love man? Where? I hate to say it, this push to the public could backfire in two ways. People lose interest quick these days and when there’s an alternative that is working, they will Flock to it (LOL).

  44. Thanks for sharing! Very interesting!

    Just tried the “Takeout” site and am TOTALLY impressed. My husband is planning on leaving Facebook… and just last night I told him to wait until I can download his pictures (not going to be a fun or fast process, I’m sure). THIS is exactly what Facebook needs… and this is Google+ just may be Google’s first successful social venture. I am loving the privacy and control. No matter HOW much I group people on Facebook and share things only with that group, there’s too dang MANY controls… and I’m an options kinda person. I hate how one darn setting can share something private (a website link post) because of a comment made by a friend of a friend – now accessible to how many people?! ANNOYING! I certainly am not interested in becoming a statistic. (1 in 5 divorces cites Facebook as a contributing factor. Yuck.)

  45. May I please have an invite as well? You guys are amazing!

    geoff.hatch at gmail.com

  46. Would love to get an invite! I promise to invite more people once i’m in [email protected]

  47. Anbody willing to share an invite? [email protected]. You rock forever

  48. please invite me [email protected] thank a lot :D

  49. Could someone please invite me? pedersenfrode (a) gmail (dot) com

  50. From one Gadget geek to anotherr…….Please any chance to try this all out- of all days to be made redundant and then have to rebuild a PC for home…shish! [email protected]

  51. I have been online probably before most of them were born… and way before the internet was thought of, so when dose (+) invite me?

  52. if the invite still is active can i get a invite too? kangminho(at)gmail(dot)com

  53. [email protected]
    plz invite me

  54. [email protected]
    plz invite me

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