Cut the Rope Comes to the Android Market, Ad-Free for $0.99


Cut the Rope has been available as a free download from GetJar since last week, but for those without access to the third-party app store or who would prefer a version of the game sans ads, look no further than the Android Market. The game was made available today at a price that won’t even come close to breaking your wallet. For $0.99 you’ll get all the rope cutting, candy munching magic that is Cut the Rope. A small price to pay for the same game found on GetJar without all the pesky ads.

Android Market Link: Cut the Rope

[via DroidGamers]

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  1. Yay! Awesome game, Worth every penny! (200x better than angry birds)

    1. Yup and this version also works on 3.1 tablets.

  2. While I got this from Getjar I’ll be getting the paid version just to support the dev. Love this game.

    1. No one cares.

      1. You troll and obsess over my comments, so its obvious you do. Muah.

      2. You sir, have problems. Keep your stupid negative comments to yourself.

        Edit: Sorry now I notice you were just mocking his stupidity.

        1. Forgiven :)

  3. Nice game. I will buy it to support the developer.

  4. im reading that it cant use your getjar save file, that is lame!

    1. I’d assume that was pretty much a given.

  5. Already beat it on my iPad. Sweet game though.

    1. No one cares.

      1. No one cares

  6. I can’t seem to buy it off the Android Market… I’m in the US… any ideas why?

  7. Anyone know how to get 3 stars on level 15 of the Fabric Box? It has been driving me crazy.

    1. The trick is to time hitting the two whoopee cushions (?) with the right timing to make it swing side to side, and then to use them to slow it down again after. That way it will come to a stop right above the star, but before the spider reaches it.

      1. Awesome man. I’ll try it out. thx

        Update: Three stars baby! I just wasn’t hitting the whoopees fast enough. At first I thought it was my crappy capacitive touch on my N1. Glad it was just my poor skill level.

  8. Woo! I hoped they would release a payed version :) This is my favorite game right now, I hope the ad-free version will work with the data files from the free version…

  9. I like this just because of the fact that if the dev updates the game, you’ll know about it. With Getjar, it’s a guessing game if the game has been updated or not.

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