Jun 29th, 2011

Looking around the web, we see plenty of press and media playing with Google+ for example Marshall Kirkpatrick from ReadWriteWeb who put together a nice first hand experience after a night of diving in. Spoiler: he loves it. Then we’ve got the optimistically pessimistic realists (does that makes sense) from XKCD who tell it like it is (and it’s funny) below.

But truth be told, the vast majority are without Google+ and you have to think this is by design. Whether Google is doing this to try and create a feeling of exlusivity as they did with GMail’s invites system or whether they want to drum up buzz while beating out any bugs in the beta, I’m not quite sure. Either way… a quick show of hands:

The rollout strategy will have a big affect on the potential for Google+ success, sure, but it’s the actual service itself that will make or break it as a viable alternative to Facebook. If you think about the concept and see some examples of “Circles” in action, you can start to grasp how this affects the concept of social networking and how you might use it.

Think about some “circles” you might make:

  • All co-workers
  • Work friends
  • School friends
  • Kickball team
  • Awesome people who read Phandroid
  • Hunting buddies
  • Vegetarian club

You may be MUCH more inclined to share things if you can share them with a specific group. Not only that, but you will sharing things you wouldn’t normally have shared because they pertain to the particular interests of one of your circles.

It’s pretty brilliant if you ask me and I’m incredibly excited to see this showdown with Facebook. Will Facebook counter and implement this same strategy with a different name, for example expanding the concept of “Groups” to make them more flexible and upfront? Will Facebook ignore the initative altogether- out of site, out of mind?

How about a couple more polls:

Lastly… a lot of the potential success depends on who is willing to adopt. So… will you?