Team Black Hat Leaks Gingerbread for the Samsung Droid Charge


A leaked version of Android 2.3.3 is now available for the Samsung Droid Charge thanks to Team Black Hat, purveyors of Droid custom ROMs and leaks. In fact, TBH is doubling your pleasure with two separate options for download. For the purists, the stock version of the leak comes with all the carrier bloatware you could want. For those seeking something a bit more svelte, a version exists with the excess apps trimmed out. Both are currently only available via TBH’s $2.99 application. If you can wait, the crew plans to make the leak available for free within the next couple of days. Hit up the XDA link below for all the dirty details.

[xda-developers via Engadget]

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  1. Bell Canada getting SGSII 4G next month according to mobilesyrup.com

  2. Modified our rules regarding leaking:
    RootzWiki.com does not support the posting of software in which the poster violates the license(s)’s implications, the poster takes full responsibility for any legal action that may result from posting the content. RootzWiki.com will treat this situation as piracy and comply with any license take-down notices from the owner of content, the licensee, or the intellectual property owner of the content. In cases of users “leaking” software and using RootzWiki.com as a platform, we will not edit or remove a post unless approached by the owner of content, the licensee, or the intellectual property owner of the content and given a takedown notice. RootzWiki.com abides by the federal laws of the United States and the local laws of California, Washington, and Georgia, this also places us under the DMCA, although you may be posting from a location not under the DMCA we must abide by DMCA takedown notices and other like requests regarding domestic laws where RootzWiki.com is hosted and operated.
    if someone violated the license that is attached to the software, the version of the Gnu General Public License attached to the android platform and the underlying Linux kernel does not specify that the software packages can or will be sold. Regardless of anyone posting a leak for free after 48 hours he has still violated the GPL for making the firmware for sale for any period of time. RootzWiki does not support the violation of any license attached to any form of content and will not support the poster.

    Quoted from the version of the GPL that Samsung uses:

    To protect your rights, we need to make restrictions that forbid
    anyone to deny you these rights or to ask you to surrender the rights.These restrictions translate to certain responsibilities for you if youdistribute copies of the software, or if you modify it.
    In this case, if someone made the content proprietary by restricting free software to a certain few who can pay for this content. and in the end made software licensed under the GPL that sports the rights of anyone to obtain it, and in turn made the software not obtainable by everyone who requests the rights. 

    TBH seems to have violated GPL. Just thought I would update the story as there is a better and more open source friendly way to obtain the leak.

    It is in violation of the GPL to sell a Kernel.

  3. you can get the download here for free in compliance with Gnu GPL. Credit to r2doesinc 


  4. looks like there are a lot of issues with the build (hdmi out not working, battery stats not working, many others), and there are some gingerbread features missing.  would probably be best to wait this out a bit.

  5. Theres also a free version I posted on rootzwiki.

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