Jun 29th, 2011

Now this is a new one. An apparent Motorola DROID HD has been outed by Flickr, a service that usually pulls EXIF data from photos that identified what kind of device took the image. One soul in Liberyville, Illinois – where Moto’s headquarters just happen to be situated – has uploaded a picture from this unknown device. A few possibilities here folks:

  1. It’s a Motorola DROID 3 with a different name.
  2. It’s the Motorola Targa we’ve been hearing about
  3. It’s that unheard of Motorola device we saw earlier that looked like a DROID Bionic but sort of wasn’t
  4. It’s something different altogether.

It’s kind of hard to tell what it could be at this point considering none of the phones I’ve mentioned above have officially been announced by Verizon or Motorola. Regardless, it’s an interesting name and we hope the device behind it is just as interesting. [PocketNow]

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