Jun 27th, 2011

The Samsung DROID Charge has suffered from a lack of Gingerbread leaks in the pool of devices such as the DROID Incredible 2, the DROID X and the HTC Thunderbolt, but that doesn’t mean Samsung and Verizon haven’t been cooking up an upgrade to step you guys up to Android. The video was posted by P3Droid and shows the device with Gingerbread.

This is evidenced by the darkened colors in the notification bar compared to Froyo as well as the software version number. And although the build.prop file can be altered to say it’s running Gingerbread, the ability to effortlessly playback Netflix does well to instill confidence that this is legit. (Long story short, Netflix + Froyo ROM on Charge = nightmare.) P3Droid says he heard a release should be coming up soon. Video’s above. [MyDroidWorld, Thanks Fayez!]

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