Wireless Charging Battery Cover Now Available for the HTC Thunderbolt at Verizon


If you’re one of those types that likes to wow your friends with your high tech gear or if you feel the need to upgrade your life with the “convenience” of wireless charging, the official HTC wireless charging battery cover is now available for Thunderbolt users. At only $30 it may seem reasonably priced but once you factor in the necessary Wireless Charging Pad for $70 (that has been in Verizon stores since April), you may start thinking twice about that purchase.

Call me a fuddy duddy but I’ll save the $100, buy 4 generic batteries from China ($8) and stick to some good ol’ fashioned wired charging for now. That is, until my rap career takes off and I can afford “tech bling” like this.

[Via Droid-Life]

Chris Chavez
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  1. will it make it any thicker????

    1. Yes It looks just about equivalent to the extended battery, except inside that extra space is the tec that allows it to receive power.

  2. wonder if it would work with powermat or not

    1. It won’t until the Powermat works off the Qi standard.  The company behind Powermat has announced plans to switch, but until then the Energizer pad should work because it uses the same tech.

  3. lol  
    a year late… the whole kit and kaboodle VZW.  Nice try tho

  4. They really need to make mats that work in a car.

  5. There is no hi-tech magic here people – that is a lot of money for just a coil of wire !
    calling it “wireless” is a deliberate misnomer, there is no RF here, it is just very basic
    induction that has been known about since the beginning of electricity.

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