Google I/O Attendees Can Now Order Their FREE Samsung Chromebook Series 5


It looks like Google I/O attendees have yet another reason to rejoice. After receiving Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1’s at Google’s developer event earlier this year, it was also announced that attendees would also be receiving their very Samsung Chromebook Series 5’s. After what seemed like a long wait and hearing next to nothing from the mother ship, Google has finally sent out those special e-mails everyone had been waiting for. The Chromebooks are now available. Instructions were given in the e-mail on how to order the Chromebook and it involves reedeeming several codes on Google was also nice enough to provide free 2 day shipping so I/O attendees wont have to wait long before getting their chance at some serious cloud computing. Thank you, Google and Samsung!

[Via ChromeSpot]

Chris Chavez
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  1. I want one. I understand it’s a browser only but that’s fine for me. It’ll be updated and will advance that way. Like a Nexus. It’s a start. I’ll buy it from anyone who doesn’t want theirs for a lower price then $430.00

    1. I think it’s cool that you can just put your SIM card inside and enjoy some 4G speeds. Too bad I’m on Sprint =(

      1. Is it really 4G enabled? They only reference 3G in the listings.

        1. 4G = 3G if you are looking at T-Mobile. They call it 4G now because they upgraded their network to be as fast as “4G”.

          1. Shut yo fat lips!

      2. Where did you read that you can do that? 

        1. I think they announced that at I/O.

          1. Oh, gotcha. Thanks.

    2. I found them for $250.00

  2. Got the email and ordered mine, but it is out of stock!

    1. ordered mine last friday right after I recieved the email.  Amazon just informed me that the estimate shipping date is 8/3 – 8/10.   4- 6 weeks..   I know that it is free but…  

  3. I have yet to receive my e-mail to claim my Chromebook

    Edit: Has anyone else who attended not receive their e-mail?

    1. Jeff, the email that’s given to us links up to the Google IO Registration page — type in your confirmation number (the one they gave you when you registered for Google IO), along with your password, and you should see a link with instructions on how to claim your Chromebook.

      Hope that helps

      1. My cousin’s name is Rayan!

      2. Yea, my friend who also went told me to do the same thing. It only shows my information for the conference. 

  4. I so should have attended!

    Next year, for sure!


  5. I ordered a chromebook for $250 including shipping and sales tax.

  6. Got the email yesterday too and ordered mine. It is still out of stock now but at least I got my order in. Hopefully it won’t take too long for them to ship. Very happy it is the WIFI/3G version and that we were able to get the free two day shipping. :))

  7. I can’t wait to get my hands on a Series 5, too bad I didn’t go to i/o :(

  8. Ordered mine and will arrive this Monday.

  9. Cr-48 FTW!

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