Facebook Now Updated To 1.6 In The Android Market – New Features


The always hit-or-miss Facebook app for Android has been updated in the Android Market this time bringing yet another new set of features. Why these features were ever left out of the app in the first place is another topic for another time. New for this update: improved stalking with access to pages, video uploading (’bout time) and miscellaneous improvements to the news/friend feed. Now, if you’ll excuse me. I have some creepin’ to do..

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Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Can it be installed on the SD Card?

    1. Sadly, it seems not.

    2. That’s because contact sync and widget won’t work if the app is moved to the sdcard.

      1. I was under the impression that contact sync hadn’t been working anyway due to Google and Facebook being stupid with each other.

        1. Only on the Nexus S. Hopefully facebook will implement sync correctly so that it will work on all devices, but that is probably to hope for too much. :)

  2. Not in market on my xoom. Tablet version possible?

  3. it’s not showing up in the market anymore on my galaxy tab 10.1… are they making a tablet version?!!

  4. Any word on the perms changes?  Why is SMS needed??

    1. my guess would be because you can sync your phone contacts with facebook :)

      1. That doesn’t require any access to sms messages or the ability to send them.

    2. I read that the new app lets you send texts directly from the app.

    3. You can share FB pictures just like in the Gallery.  So that could be it.

  5. You’re from Rancho? Trololololo. I guess victoria gardens is nice o_O

    1. WHAT THE- This was a baaaaaad idea…… :O

      1. I thought it was a nice idea! I’m finally friends with Chris Chavez. <3

        1. Nooooo…. I’m finally friends with YOU! :D

          1. 909 in the house!!! Represent I too am a 909er

          2. MEH 2!! Etiwanda High Class of ‘012

          3. 951>909

    2. nice…you’re around my neighborhood…well, sort of. LOL!

  6. How do I use it as a page?

  7. still got no multi upload on CM7

  8. This galaxy tab 10.1 user can’t find it either….. come on facebook, surprise us here!

  9. Downgrade. Doesn’t work on tablets, where the previous version did. Total waste of time.

    1. Obviously if you can read it says the update wasnt for tablets. smh

    2. I use a tablet app for facebook on my TF by the same people that make tweetcomb. You should check it out…way better than the Facebook app imo

    3. If you have a tablet, why not just use the webpage?  It’s what I do.

  10. This is an upgrade I won’t install. Don’t like the read and edit sms permissions and the send sms permission is too much. I already have an app for sending and receiving sms messages and that is enough for me.

    1. then dont update? Not that hard.

      1. People like you make me want to punch things.  He is not going to update.  Learn to read

        1. Go ahead punch yourself let me know how that works lol

      2. Where did I write that I found it difficult to not install the update? :)

        1. Never said you said it was hard to update

  11. Whats up with still having the fastest possible interval between refreshes be 30 minutes?  Why not push notifications like every other FB mobile app?  

    This has been the dumbest limitation since it released.  I have to run a separate outdated app (Bloo) just to get notifications near real time.

  12. Maybe it’s just a placebo, but Facebook feels a lot smoother and not so clunky and slow.

  13. What is new improved stalking with access to pages ????? And how do you do this please advise

  14. Okay, the article lists as a new feature “New for this update: improved stalking with access to pages”
    Now for my pet peeve, Why in the heck do people use Facebook, make profiles for others to look at, request and accept friends, then call it “stalking” when said friends look at the profiles they made?
    If you don’t want “friends stalking your profile” don’t use Facebook!!! Sheesh!!!!

  15. Chris, a serious question: are you gay?

    1. Scout, a serious question. are u that friggin ignorant??

      1. I don’t need insults, I was asking a simple question directed at Chris. If he declines to answer that’s fine. Ignorant people don’t ask questions. Thus they are ignorant. I AM asking a question……

        1. Haha! I actually get asked that question a lot but no, I’m not. =p

          Is it my voice? Or my hair that made you ask? Lol

          1. Someone had dropped a few comments on prior threads, I was just wondering. Nothing specific made me ask. I actually enjoy reading your posts, its a relaxed approach to reviews, etc…. I have respect for you guys cause I know how much work has to be put in to do what you do. Maybe someday I can join your ranks :P

          2. So, are *you* gay?

        2. Just an ignorant question on a public forum, I’m just saying dude. And kudos to Chris for even attempting to answer

  16. Looks like they updated the News Feed. I love it, except it doesn’t always take you all the way to the top of the page. I’m also sick of people saying it directs you to the Mobile Web page. It’s still the FB app, but it’s been revamped to look close to the Mobile and the iOS versions. You can now like comments. Still no Pages, though.

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