Sprint Plans To Allow Uninstalling of Bloatware In All Future Devices


The Evo 3D is one of the few phones (if not the only one) that is actually allowing users to remove pre-installed apps from their phone so that a user can install more apps of their choosing. I mean, it only makes sense. Why should I keep a demo of N.O.V.A. on my phone taking up precious resources when I have no desire to play that game? At first I thought this was an HTC call but later learned that it was in fact, Sprint who made the final executive decision.

There was some confusion and it was still up-in-the air whether or not Sprint would continue this new policy on future devices or if the Evo 3D was the exception. Well, the guys over at MobileBurn reached out to Sprint for some clarification and as it turns out, Sprint plans on making this the new standard in regard to future device releases (with the small exception of Sprint ID).

A policy like this is a refreshing change from carriers who normally don’t seem to listen to customer feedback. And it’s the OEM’s that suffer. Remember the Xperia Play I reviewed a few weeks back? That phone came pre-installed with so many games, that it left very little room for anything else and none of them could be uninstalled. Yikes. I can tell you this — Sprint can jampack my future device with all the bloatware, pictures and video they want, as long as I have the final say on whether or not it stays on my phone. And that, folks is how you make a happy customer.

What do you guys think? Should this become the standard for every carrier on future devices?

[Via MobileBurn]

Chris Chavez
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  1. too bad all of the HTC bloatware can’t be removed…

    1. Maybe that is the next step? :O

      And some people actually like Sense. Like noobs. And me =p

      1. Chris I didn’t like sense before Sense 3.0. Installed it on my G2 but it lagged after using a lot of apps. But it has a lot of nice features that stock could never offer.
        And it is very user friendly!

        1. Agreed. I’ve always felt that its a great way to introduce people to Android. After they’ve grown in Android for a little bit, then they can move on to more mature experiences like stock vanilla Gingerbread =)

          1.  Never had Sense until my new Sensation.. am in no hurry to get rid of it.. Am coming from Froyo on the myTouch 3G.. I guess you’d call that kind of stock.. so I guess I’m enjoying my immature experience.

      2. I used to like sense until gingerbread came out…now the only thing I like in Sense is the People App and the widgets…thats why I wish HTC would start to dilute it like Samsung is doing with touchwiz instead of add more like they have with Sense 3.0.

    2. Would like to see HTC, Sprint work together with CM7 to put out a CM7 phone.  Sprint reminds me of AMD in the 90s, overclocker friendly.

  2. Hope other carriers/manufacturers catch on to this for the n00bs sake

  3. If sprint lands a high-end keyboarded phone on par with the Droid line, that’s probably where I’m going for my next phone.

    1. Word on the street is a Galaxy S II Epic Part Deux. You interested?

      1. That’s disappointing to hear. I absolutely despised the Epic. Wish Sprint would release it without a keyboard. But I know that’s what the EVO 4G/3D is for in their eyes.

        1. Too bad, I LOVE that Sprint put a keyboard on their Galaxy S2, the only one in the ENTIRE world. Even Samsung’s home market of South Korea never got a keyboard version!

          It looks like Sprint will get a Galaxy S2 without a keyboard and then also an Epic 2. But it looks like the Epic 2 will only be single core.   : (

          1. What is the Galaxy SII with a keyboard called? Only thing I’ve seen so far regarding Galaxy SII coming to Sprint is the within and it has no keyboard….

            IMO the Within is the perfect phone, SAMOLED + display, dual core cpu, no keyboard. DO WANT.

          2. I’ve always wanted to see Samsung use the “magic ink” qwerty that they’ve used in the Alias 2 on an Android phone. I always thought that was a very cool idea for a qwerty, but, for some reason, it never made it past that device (as far as I know). That could really make a very cool, customizable physical qwerty on an Android phone.

          3. It’s the epic 2, not the SGS2, looks like the Within without a keyboard is also a go.

      2. Galaxy S II is EPIC 2 4G coming to Sprint.

  4. I’m glad i’m a Sprint customer!

  5. I usually assume that anything that ruins a cell phone intentionally like bloatware, lack of tethering, lack of 3rd party app installs, etc. is the decision of the carrier. Usually the manufacturer is put in a tough position trying to balance out the requests of say Google and those of the telecom.

  6. I removed all my HTC bloatware, wiped and installed cm7!

    1. HAHA! Yeah, there’s always the rooting route. Now that I can uninstall some bloat, I think I might keep my phone stock for a little longer..

      1. I agree with you on that, at lease for few more months.

      2. I believe this is the reason behind the decision. I for one rooted mainly to ditch the bloatware that was making me angry. If the consumer is allowed to get rid of these programs that are not wanted then rooting the phone is a little less likely. 
        After all the ONLY way to get rid of them was to root. 

      3. CM7 is an option, but I do like a cleaned up stock carrier rom, with all the non-need crap removed. (or frozen in titanium).  They tend to run clean, even with Sense.

  7. a fully open google-experience phone, full google voice integration, now this. sprint is becoming the most android-friendly carrier. odd that it all started the moment at&t and t-mobile announced merger talks.

    1. I’m with you there, especially on Sprint’s timing!

  8. Excited! EXCITED!!!!!!! i hope it’s like that for the sgs2

  9. The Motorola Atrix has very little carrier installed apps and they could also be removed like any other app

  10. Sprint is quickly becoming the place to be for Android users now that T-Mobile’s future is in doubt. From unlimited data to Google Voice integration to the ability to remove bloatware. Good work, Sprint!

  11. It will eventually be forced by the courts anyway… ie., MS internet explorer style. I own the device and yet can’t remove software? Lol… No worries, its all good. The EVO 3D freakin rocks, its amazing! Will get to deleting all the crap soon.

  12. There are no stupid questions…except for that one Chris.  The answer is of course….duh.

  13. Honestly, I’d rather have my yearly upgrade back. This is a nice gesture, but not something I couldn’t/didn’t already do with about 5 minutes worth of initial work.

  14. I hate to burst everyone’s bubble, but only the specifically Sprint-branded bloatware (Nascar, Sprint’s navigator app, a couple of others) can be removed from the Evo3D. That’s admirable, and I’m certainly not complaining, but the fact remains that you’re still stuck with all the third party stuff like Amazon MP3, the Green Hornet movie player, a Spider-Man game demo that’s like 100MB, etc.

  15. Wheres the obligitory pro-verizon sprint-bash response?

    1. Verizon will buy Sprint!!!*

      *only way for Verizon to get a Nexus Phone on it’s network : P
      Verizon will follow Sprints lead as long as they can code a “Verizon bloatware remover app” for only $99 per app removed.

  16. Display and backlight take up 80% of battery use on the Evo3D!  WAHOW!!…there’s yer friggin bloatware!!  Unless that number comes down what else matters?  No wonder this dang thing charges so slowly, I need an extended battery NOW!! 

  17. Folks, meet the new Android-friendly carrier. T-Mobile may die with the AT&T acquisition, but Sprint is learning fast. The others could stand to learn from these sort of actions. All I can say is that I like the direction Android is headed with the pledges from manufacturers and carriers to keep devices up to date for 18 months, friendlier policies on locked bootloaders, and now this.

    1. It would be funny if T-mobile lost like half of their customers to Sprint over the merger with AT&T.

      1. It would be awesome.  I’ve said that I’ll stay with TMo till the bitter end, but I think I’ll go to Sprint even if the merger fails.

  18. It’s about time Google purchase Sprint.

  19. Sprint wins again.

  20. If you could disable Skins like Touch Wiz, Blur, and Sense UI and leave on only Sprint ID. People would have no desire to root their devices.

  21. Sprint keeps sounding better and better

  22. Good job sprint too bad i left you guys to go back to verizon but must admit 3vo 3d is sick but i want gs2 on lte SO BAD!!!

  23. Every carrier should do this!

  24. Honestly, People won’t realize what they missed out on. The Evo 3d as of today is the best android device on the market. The biggest feature that matters most is exactly where the Evo 3d hurts most smartphones that’s the battery. In real world testing how we all use our devices is what determines exactly what kind of battery life you will receive so based on that it will always depend on the user him/herself. But if your a current Evo 4g user then you know exactly how to tweak and extend your overall battery life and if you know those things and apply some of the techniques then trust me you will go VERY FAR WITH THE EVO 3D. I brought my Evo 3d on Friday from best buy the battery was at half when purchased I allowed the battery to drain down to 3% then placed it on charge for the first time for 9.5 hrs from 8pm to 5:30am Saturday morning. My Evo 3d was still going strong at 7pm Saturday night without any tweaking of the devices at 7pm I was at 27% at which time I used the power saver mode and was able to go another 2hrs till 9pm which at that time I was at 17% I turned my device off and started my second phase of charging. The point here is pretty clear the Evo 3d straight out of the box without any tweaking of the settings gave me 14hrs of battery life till 7pm then an extra 2hrs till 9pm which was a grand total of 16plus hrs and was still at 17% when I turned it off. Bottom-line here: THIS IS DEFINATELY NO EVO 4G THIS DEVICE BLOWS THE EVO 4G OUT OF THE WATER AS WELL AS ANY OTHER ANDROID DEVICE IN THE MOST IMPORTANT CATAGORY AND THAT IS BATTERY LIFE. I was never able to go anywhere when I had my Evo 4g without my 2batteries and charger now I don’t have to carry my charger WHICH IS VERY BIG…As a Evo 3d owner If I tweaked my setting on my device even further ie..Weather animations to some, screen brightness to halfway, email syncing to 4hrs, then this device will go FOR A VERY LONG TIME. Htc SCORES A MAJOR HOMERUN just based on the native battery management application/power saver mode as well as the native task manager application these native services on the device helps Evo owners in so many ways because these are applications that would have been download from the android market that the manufacturer has included in the device which means it is optimized to work FAR BETTER THAN ANY APPLICATION DOWNLOADED TO YOUR DEVICE FROM THE ANDROID MARKET. That will help any EVO 3D OWNER WHO HAS THIS DEVICE plus with the opportunity to uninstall any carrier related applications that you might not want on your device that was installed which wasn’t to many will not only gain more memory for your device which speeds up the device in general but being able to do this also allows you to place actual application you want on your device instead of having application that you don’t use taking up space and cpu on your device that is truly big what sprint has done no other carrier is rolling like this. Another big point on this device is that every application can be sent to your micro sd card using the NATIVE APPLICATION where in setting you go to sdcard/phone and you will see a category that say make more space and there you will find a native apps to sd application WHICH IS ANOTHER APPLICATION ANDROID USERS WOULD’VE DOWNLOADED FROM THE ANDROID MARKET THAT IS OPTIMIZED FOR OUR DEVICE no need for apps2sd card now. And I’m not even going to discuss the speed, fluidity of the device, as well as the fast that this thing just BLOWS AWAY ANY DEVICE ON THE MARKET. Yeah if people didn’t pick up one of these they just are lost….

    1. Why don’t you write your own review. Your comment is long and oh-so-biased enough to be one. Except for the fact that you have no concept of proper spelling or punctuation. Try using a period once in awhile. It’ll help the readability a TON. In case you didn’t see this on other websites, other users are reporting that you can only remove the Sprint bloatware, not the other crap put on there. So while it does free up *some* space, it’s not nearly the amount you’re talking of. Oh, and good job copying and pasting this from the other E3D article. Glad to see you know how to spam the hell out of people. Moron.

      1. Funny thing…. I just seen Richard post this exact same thing on a article about the Sprint road map. He comes on there and spews this comment that had nothing to do with the story!! This guy really needs to get a fricking life!!!!

  25. I am so glad Sprint is leading the way with this. I have so much bloatware on my Tbolt & it drives me nuts so hopefully ALL carriers will follow Sprint

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