Acer Cuts Tablet Sales Forecast In Half for 2011


I could have seen this coming. Facing strong competition from other tablet manufacturers and poor sell-through for their already released tablets, Acer is cutting their 2011 sales forecast in half to 2.5M units. This is around 50% less than what they expected.

We posted a few days ago how Asus was doing extremely well for the first half of 2011 thanks to, not only low prices on their Eee Pad Transformer, but the added functionality of a physical keyboard made it a hit with consumers.

Competition is only going to get worse with new Android based tablets flooding the market this summer and into the holiday season. Amazon, Sony and Toshiba are gearing up to release their take on the Honeycomb tablet but who will come out on top?

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  1. Shame real. I have the Acer A500 and I think it is the best Android tablet. It features everything out off the box. The XDA community may be a little behind but in the past week the development has shot up faster then any other off my 3 android phones. 

  2. I had the a500 for two weeks. After buying and finding out that the bootloader wasn’t open, I emailed Acer and asked them if they would reverse their policy, since htc had just announced that they would be unlocking the bootloader on all their devices. A week went by and I never got a response back, so I returned the a500 while I was still in my 2 week return window. 
    I since got an Asus Transformer, and saved myself $100. The a500 was by no means a bad device, but I’m just as happy with my TF. Strange thing is that to this day, still no response from Acer.

    1. maybe they don’t understand about bootloaders

      1. You’re probably talking to level 1 grunts, so if it’s not part of the script, you’re SOL.

  3. Android tablets just aren’t that appealing yet. The reason why Apple is selling so many tablets its cuz its their cheapest computer. 

    1. NO, the reason apple is selling so many tablets is because they know how to market their stuff AND they sell direct so they are not hindered by carriers who want to jack up the prices or add data plans so they can make a dollar too.

      tell me,

      when was the last time you saw a commercial for the LG G-Slate? hell, you dont even see them on display at the t-mobile stores !!  so who (besides us geeks) even know this great tablet even exists?

      now, when was the last time you saw a commercial for the Asus Eee pad? Never, how about the Xoom? yes, 20 sec tacky Verizon commercials. Galaxy Tab 10.1?  only one or two. Acer? Never.  but iPad? how many times in one day do you see an apple iDevice commercial? and NOT only apple commercials but every commercial from Cars to News and everything in between.

  4. I played around with the a500 for a weekend while I waited for the Transformers to come in stock. It wasn’t a bad device but I’m HELLA glad I got the Transformer. Not only was it $50 less, it was way lighter, thinner, MUCH better screen, and the textured back makes it easier to hold in your hand. More so than anything else the A500 is just too damn heavy

  5. Nothing says “The Transformer was sold out” like buying an A500.

  6. I have my a500 for about two months now and I wouldn’t exchange it for any other tablet.

  7. Too bad, I just purchased an A500 today and so far I love it. My only complaint is no Hulu or Netflix but that is not Acer’s fault.

  8. Nothing says bootloaders and openness matter better than Asus vs. Acer sales results.  Price too, but I’d have paid the extra $50 for an open device.

  9. This is a fantastic product!

    More attractive now as well as it has come down in price! –

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