Mac Kies Beta Updated to Add Tab 10.1 Support


Mac users who also own the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 are all but fed up with the device. You can’t even access the device’s internal storage on Mac OS using a USB cable, something that’s a bit of a problem considering the Tab 10.1 WiFi has no microSD card slots. I should say you “couldn’t” access the device’s internal storage, though, as all of that is about to change with Samsung Kies for Mac’s new update. This version still doesn’t add support for updating firmware, but we imagine most of you don’t have a problem doing that over WiFi OTA, anyway. The download can be had here. [Samsung Hub]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. I have a PC and my Tab has never been connected.  Just use SMB shares…oh wait…you cannot do that on a MAC either.  Maybe people should upgrade to a PC.  ;-) Are NFS shares possible on a MAC?

    1. Macs support both SMB and NFS, have since OS X came out a decade ago. They have pulled back on NFS built-in support from the original, requiring some extensions be installed if you want to write to NFS shares – but they serve and read them fine, out of the box. Given that NFS came from unix, OS X is pinned in bsd, the rest is clear.

      The reason you can’t just go whacking away with a cable in this case is because of Media Transport Protocol – the new Windows darling that lets you access file from a PC and the device at the same time. Instructions for how to deal with that for Mac or Linux are in this thread –

      I use OS X, Linux, and Windows and the only upgrade I know of is my favorite OS: Android.

  2. then don’t use a Mac.. simple.

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