ASUS is the Leading Tablet Manufacturer Outside of Apple in the US, Said to Be Bringing Tegra 3 Tablet


Was there any doubt that ASUS was leading the pack in tablet shipments in the US? After all, the Eee Pad Transformer is the best-priced Honeycomb tablet and is just as good as any of them out there. ASUS generated tons of buzz around the tablet after announcing its keyboard dock and a very attractive starting price. Since its launch, it has been the hardest tablet to find in stores but ASUS has since ramped up production and is looking to get things balanced by July.

Furthermore, DigiTimes has heard that ASUS is certainly working on a sequel to the Transformer. We’ve heard this rumor before, but it’s nice to see corroboration. This sequel, so to speak, is rumored to have Tegra 3 inside. That belief lines up perfectly with NVIDIA’s claim that Tegra 3 tablets will be here sometime in the second half of 2011, though we can’t imagine summer will hold any surprises for us. Earlier, ASUS was also rumored to be working on an Android-based netbook. [DigiTimes]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Wow! a low priced tablet with high end specs is a top seller, who’d a thunk it?!?! 

    1. Not the carriers they are constantly trying to screw us with a new data plan.

      1. solution: Don’t get a 3G tablet. Get the wifi version and tether. 

        1. Done and done.

          Sent from my Asus Transformer over WiFi

          1. then why post the comment in the first place?  idiot.

          2. I can comment on what ever story I want idiot this is a free country. He assumed that since I left that comment that I might be one of those people who bought a tablet and was disappointed but you don’t have to be that person just to leave a similar comment. I like to talk for many people not just myself. 

            I hope you get banned troll.

  2. Just like I said in the other article….

    I was hoping this would come out next year but screw it….If this is true, I’ll sell my current transformer cheap to someone and buy the “T2”.

    Just hope they sell it for $400 and the keyboard is compatible.

  3. Woot. Go Asus. My laptop is asus, and I love it.

  4. I know they technically call the Nook Color an e-reader, but I think it would qualify as the highest selling tablet outside of Apple.

  5. Great news for ASUS.  I wonder if the Android tablet sales have increased enough between the Transformer and the Galaxy Tab 10.1 to kill the slump in sales that happened after Xoom launched.  With so many Android tablets out there, it will be interesting to see what is happening with overall sales.

  6. Love my TF, but why worried about Tegra 3 when, we don’t have enought app to even run tegra2. Why not look for way to help improve what they have now. Use their software developer to create media app. Why get a 16:9 screen when I don’t have nothing to see.
    Get me netflix, optimum app …. for my asus.

    1. That’s funny. I’m constantly seeing all these complaints about all these tegra only games, like the new ArmA firing range game that just came out.

  7. i highly doubt they will bring tegra 3 this year…why would they when the tf is selling like hot cakes? also why would they bring a tegra 3 when the padfone is set to release in december which is said to have tegra 2? 

  8. Y’all really need to start reading your own blog, at least the front page:

    Looks like Chris posted it sometime early, early on.

    1. that’s what i was thinking lol

  9. Which parts are made in the US from either company?

    1. probably none… most components are made in China or other countries..

  10. I really can’t get too excited about any new Transformer models until Asus fixes the docks’ battery draining issues.  It’s ridiculous.

  11. Yeah. I am definitely going to be purchasing any tablet they make in the future. 

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