Asus Eepad Transformer Is A Hit! Tegra 3 Powered Sequel Due Out By October?


Its official. Asus’ Eepad Transformer was a hit in the (non Apple) tablet world. According to Digitimes, they managed to ship over 400,000 units in the first half of 2011, making their way to the top spot of largest (non Apple) tablet brand on the globe and it’s all thanks to their Android powered Eee Pad Transformer.

Asus has been doing so well that they’re already preparing for the second generation of Eee Pad Transformers powered by Nvidia’s new Tegra 3 quad-core Kal-El processors and the new version of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich. Supposedly, it could ship as early as October, which would make it just in time for the holidays. Things move fast in the PC world and it looks like Android tablets are no different.

Asus will also take the top spot from Acer this year and become Nvidia’s number 1 customer, placing around 2.5 million orders for their Tegra 2/3 CPU’s. But why so many? Well, word on the street is Asus will be using some of those Tegra 3’s in their new Chromebooks due out later this year.

What I also found interesting is that sources are claiming Asus is barely breaking even when it comes to their Eeepad Transformer. Apparently the low $400 price tag and Asus’ use of above standard components is resulting in a very thin profit margin. In fact, where Asus is making most of their money is from the optional keyboard dock and is the main reason most people buy the Transformer to begin with.

2011 is looking like a good year for Asus. With the upcoming release of their Padfone, a Tegra 3 powered, Ice Cream Sandwich running tablet/phone device, they may have more than a few hits this year. Lets just hope for less brown color schemes.

[Via Digitimes]

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  1. Better build quality for the sequel, I hope.

    1. All I’m asking for is an aluminum back like on their 13 inch notebooks. My kingdom for ALUMINUM!!! =/

      1. I don’t mind the textured plastic – light and better for gripping than aluminium (I’m guessing you don’t hold your notebook like a tablet?). Aluminium does look a bit more stylish though.

        Build quality is fine on mine but I’ve heard a few others complain of minor light bleed and the screen protruding out around the top corners.

  2. nooooooo! i just got my tf and dock and now tf tegra 3!? i’m definitely getting the new tf when it comes out

    1. When you do, hit me up. I’ll take that old, beat up transformer off your hands for $100 :D

    2. Bear in mind, the rumoured price for the newer model is $549-$799 (compared to $399-$699 for the current transformer). But Asus did say, the aim is to have future generations compatible with the same keyboard dock. Obviously these are just rumours at this stage. But even though the presentation slide shown at the time the transformer was first introduced was queried by many that pricing did turn out to be accurate. Perhaps it’s not entirely coincidental, that $549 is basically $399 + $149 i.e. current tablet plus keyboard dock (- the latter of which won’t be required if you have someone who is upgrading). It could also mean that Asus might keep both models available in parallel for a while to “mesh” with the delayed slider tablet which if these rumours are accurate will only just have been launched.

  3. Padfone is a fantastic idea. Suppose I have a 4G phone, then I would have a 4G tablet as well for  $0.00 data plan, not only is this big in terms of money savings but very practical considering Ice Cream Sandwich. One more thing, no more redundant download of app for tablets and phone.

    1. Padphone really is a fantastic idea IF you spruce up the design (NO BUMP!) and combine it with a Transformer-esque keyboard dock.

  4. Is this a joke? They can’t even supply dealers with the first Transformer. It will be the same next time around. Samsung knows how to launch a tablet. Same for Motorola. Asus is freaking inept.

    1. You do know their shortages were directly related to the tsunami in Japan, right? 

      1. Link?  I heard that reported initially, but then Asus backed off it and said they simply didn’t build enough.  I hadn’t heard they’re blaming the tsunami again.

      2. I think that was proven false a long time ago.

        its demand that is causing shortages, not component shortages

    2. When you sell more units then your competitors and have shortages it’s okay.  When you sell less units then your competitors that’s not okay.

  5. hopefully they make the next transformer compatible with the first dock…*wishfulthinking*

    1. It’s been said before by Asus that they plan to let you use the keyboard with future Transformer upgrades.

    2. Only if they fix the battery drain problem with the dock.  Otherwise I’d hope they abandon it in favor of a proper dock.

  6. oh and why is there a picture of the padfone when this is about the tf?

    1. Cuz the Padfone…… transforms? O_o

  7. they would have made even more money if they had stock to sell, I’ve been visiting stapples for the last who knows how many weeks, no luck.

    1. I searched everywhere. The closest place that had it was a Toys-R-Us 45 minutes from my house. Cut my losses and went newegg with overnight. :-P Couldn’t wait any longer.

  8. Go Go Gadget tablet

  9. Make it lighter please … 

  10. asus and huawei will end up destroying android OEMs due to predator pricing

  11. and they can’t even keep them in stock here… also wasn’t there supposed to be versions with cell antennas? I really want a transformer with the 4G LTE, I’d probably buy like 5 of em for business, they’d be the perfect device…

    1. no you wouldn’t.  you’re talking out of your ass.

      1. heh heh. Don’t be too mean to him, his just an innocent businessman.

        Joking aside. You don’t wanna be using this as a cell. Unless you’re using Bluetooth headset, imagine the shock to people when they see you holding a Refrigerator size cellphone to your head talking.

  12. wondering if their next transformer will have 2gb ram like the newly announced Huwaie phone

  13. I was hoping this would come out next year but screw it….If this is true, I’ll sell my current transformer cheap to someone and buy the “T2”.

    Just hope they sell it for $400 and the keyboard is compatible.

    1. Because most of Asus’ profit margin was made on the lapdock, which they claim will be compatible with future tabs, I would imagine they won’t be able to subsidize this tablet nearly as much.

    2. Don’t get too excited about the keyboard dock.  The battery drain when not in use is pretty severe.  To the point where if you were to leave the unit docked but not used for an entire day, you would have less of a charge available than if you never had the dock in the first place.  If Asus has a fix in the works they haven’t advertised it very loudly.

  14. I have one and I love it, the Samsung didn’t have the SD card option and that’s what sold me, plus you can charge it through the USB cable although very slowly when hooked up to the PC.  I use my Google Phone’s WIFI hotspot for it when I travel and I just may make it my business device for traveling and I will stop carrying my laptop.  I just don’t know how it will do with MS Word and Excel yet.

  15. “No one wants an Android tablet”

    “They wont have the help of the carriers”

    “Ha ha ha, Ho, ho, ho, He, he, he…..Xoom sucks”

    Just paraphrasing all the talk from a few months ago. Why dont ppl listen when we say just give it time…why? Seems like all that needed to happen was better pricing.

    Moto, you reading this?

  16. LoL!! Didn’t Dual-Tegra just come out this year? And we’re already at 3. Hmm… I’m afraid to want to pick this up. I get this, then I hear 2 months down the line, Dual Tegra 4. LoL!! I guess so…

    I might pick this up… Hmm…

    1. Tegra 2 been out since last year. Its was in a few Android tablets last year and just made it to Android phone this year, in the US anyway.

  17. As a consumer I see this as a risky form factor. I would be looking to standardization of I/o interfaces to permit use of different mobiles and other hardware. Otherwise the investment risk is too inflexible – very applesque in the “closed” interdependency of the solution.
    As for hardware margin and business case, just like on desktop/laptop the OEM business case is much more involved than hardware alone. OEM’s have always leveraged their devices as a digital distribution channel and this needs to be factored in. This also will prove to be even more lucrative with the advent of cloud services as the upfront commissions for channel partner’s increase.
    For me a downside is Android – everyone thinks this is a virtue, but I differ – I do not see it – I have concerns on app stability, data security, and personal privacy. Google’s OS maturity and company business model (mine my data) just do not seem aligned with my needs at this point in time. Granted most of this is based on hearsay evidence – but I trust the sources.
    Still all-in-all – great job! It’s good to see other OEM besides apple prioritize innovation and quality. I am not sure if I am ready to jump in the water yet.

  18. I’m holding onto my money until ANYONE makes a Honeycomb tablet that I can read outside in sunlight!

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