Android Overload: Wildfire S for Only $250 On Virgin, Cricket Is Testing Their New 4G LTE Network and More


It’s looking a little skimpy here in the Android Overload. But that just means a bunch of great articles were posted on our front page. Less leftovers for you tonight. One thing I found interesting was the Wildfire S 4G on Virgin Mobile. That’s one little firecracker of a device I could recommend to all my friends and family still on a wireless budget. Let’s hope for a U.S. release! Good night, everyone!

  • Cricket – yes, Cricket will be testing its new LTE network in new markets starting with Tuscon Arizona. [PCMag]
  • American Express and Foursquare inked a deal to give customers HUGE discounts when checking-in. [NYTimes]
  • Pricing leaks for Canadian HTC Wildfire S 4G on Virgin Mobile. $30 w/a 2 year contract or $250 retail. [MobileSyrup]
  • An update is available for the HTC Salsa bringing its Build number to 1.12.401.2.
  • Groupon has added support for the UK, France, Germany, and Brazil in their latest app update. [EuroDroid]
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  1. Ahem – the Wildfire S is a THREE year contract, like all Canadian carriers :P

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