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Listen, I know I can’t rap. You really don’t have to remind me. I’m more of a country singer anyway, though. There’s nothing better than singing my heart out about that little ol’ lady who I could have married but let her slip away because I had to go get the tires on my pickup truck. Alright, all country music isn’t like that, but still. I don’t rap, and I never would in public, but doing it in the comfort of my own home, on my phone, and against other people? Count me in. I think I could have ended the Apps of the Day spotlight with that one app, but there are a couple of other good ones ahead. Check those out when you get a chance.

Straight Spittin – Ah, hip hop. Everyone wants to be an artist, but only some are truly good. If you are too shy to go to your local den and battle against other rappers every weekend, why not just say home and do it on your phone? Rah Digga has lent her name to a game called Straight Spittin that lets you battle against other users. It’s cross platform, too, so you have a vast array of opponents waiting for you upon downloading, there is a trial version along side two different paid versions in the Android market. Check it out. [Market]

Reversi Reloaded – Love a good game of reversi, do ya’? Reversi Reloaded may be a fresh spin on the game if you’ve been looking for one. There are three difficulty levels, two game board designs and you can also play against your friends in two-player mode. Best of all? It costs nothing to get started, so be sure to scuffle over to the Android market and see if you like it. [Market]

Plugio – While most phones come with this functionality built-in, there are still some phones out there that don’t make any noise whatsoever when your phone is plugged in. I know I get a bit frustrated when I think my phone is on the charger and it really isn’t. That’s why Plugio exists. It’s simple, really, but a valuable tool for folks who often find themselves without a charge when they wake up in the morning because they thought that pesky charger was plugged in. Worry no more, friends. $.99 to download. [Market]


Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Got myself Plugio.  Just what I’ve been looking for.

  2. Why would it say Plugio not available in my country? Bizarre…

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