Verizon Confirms Tiered Plans to Come This July, Says No More


Yesterday, rumors started flying of a July 7th date in regards to Verizon shutting off unlimited data in favor of a tiered pricing structure. We even got preliminary details on pricing but none of it was confirmed. One thing that we can confirm is that all of this will definitely be going down this July, though, as Verizon spokeswoman Brenda Raney confirmed just that with the following statement:

“We will move to a more usage based model in July. We’ll share more later.”

That gives us a step forward as far as any official information goes, but we’re still inside that first square. If you don’t remember, Verizon is rumored to offer users 2GB, 5GB, an 10GB of data per month for $30, $50, and $80, respectively. Those who want more or want tethering can add 2 additional gigabytes for $20 per month. Finally, it’s $10 per each gigabyte you go over.

We’re hoping the above figures aren’t true, but something tells me that these are pretty much set in stone. As we said, none of it is final just yet so we’ll have to wait until Verizon gives everyone the heads-up come July. Verizon has not yet denied any of these rumors. [AllThingsD]

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  1. I know this will start a flame war but I have been waiting for something like this to come around. I am a moderate user. I average just under two gigs a month and yet I pay the same as somebody using 15+ gigs. Yeah, I can see where some will bitch and moan about this but it’s pretty simple. You want to enjoy the service and availability, it’s time to pay up. Nothing in life is free and VZW is a business. They have spent BILLIONS updating their network and increasing speed  to 4G.

    In the end, it’s all about choice. If you don’t like it, change carriers.

    1. If you don’t have enough data to enjoy the benefit of 4g then what’s the point?

    2. 2 gigs = $30, unlimited = $30. The only way would benefit from this is if they charged less for 2 gigs. Luckily, we have our unlimited for life.

      1. Thats the only smart thing verizon did since they got the iphone lol is let us keep unlimited data

      2. How do you have unlimited for life?

        1. Documents show that you will not lose your unlimited when upgrading, or

    3. I agree with you 100% but charging customers the same price as unlimited for 2GB is unheard of, they should at the very least charge $20 for 2GB..

    4. I agree with you 100% but charging customers the same price as unlimited for 2GB is unheard of, they should at the very least charge $20 for 2GB..

    5. Waaah, waaaah.  You’re not that bright, because your charge will remain the same, yet you’ll be getting that ‘just under 2 gigs a month’.  What a joker.  

      When that ‘billions’ translates into a network that is actually reliable as far as 4G goes, Verizon actually gets some decent salespeople, and stops ripping people off with this tethering surcharge then ok maybe I’d buy your weak point.

    6. So if Comcast[insert you ISP here] came out and said that the $42 you’ve been paying a month for unlimited internet is going to be scaled down to 2GB data cap and $10 extra for 1GB you’d be ok with that? No, you wouldn’t be; no one would be, so why is it ok for Verizon to do that? The may have spent billions updating their network, but its working. They are the largest in the U.S. they have almost 100 million subscribers on average paying at least $70 a pop a month. At that rate, how long do you think it’ll take to see their network pay for itself?

    7. hey smarty, is not going to be cheaper you still be paying the same amount per month only you be getting less data now, for example you pay 30.00 fo unlimited data now, now its only going to be 2 gb for the same 30.00 you been paying.

      1. Agree that op is an idiot 30 a month is free? You got to love those who think they know what they are talking about but have no clue. Please Just the facts shut the hell up lol

    8. The local buffet that I go to every day is going to open a new wing.  On the left side is the normal buffet for all of the old customers.  The right side is new and a la carte.  The a la carte base menu price is the same as the buffet but you only get a small sample of all of the food they offer.  If you want more items you have to pay more than double what old customers pay for the all you can eat buffet.


    9. Although I see your point, I don’t quite agree.  Yes, power users should pay more.  Like you I only use a couple gig a moth.  

      But recently I downloaded a game that needed to also download just over 1GB of data to my SD card!  So I buy a game and that needs to download data, now I’m over my limit and have to pay even more?!?!?

  2. Droid life had a leaked verizon memo that says tiered data will only be for new lines.

  3. Please let my unlimited count when I upgrade to 4G in Dec.

  4. Continuing to charge more for tethering when charging on a tiered basis is ridiculous.  I thought the issue with tethering was tetherers using way more data than others.  If I have to pay per/GB, then I should be able to use the data however I see fit. 

  5. Just the facts…you’re an idiot. For the past several months since Verizon leaked plans for tiered data, they have defended the change by saying the average user doesn’t use another near the upper tiers, so they’d actually SAVE money. I don’t use more than 2gb either, but how the fuck does charging me the same $30 I currently pay for unlimited data for a 2gb cap save me ANYTHING? Come the end of my contact I am SO gone from Verizon. it’s a shame, too. They used to be such a good company and I’ve been with them for years.

    1. Then stick with them…because according to some of the other posts, those of us who have unlimited plans now, will keep said unlimited plans forever, provided we continue to pay for them.

      1. I doubt it will be forever. They will probably allow everyone to do one more upgrade and have the plan “grandfathered”. After that you are SOL (speculating here).

        1. I think they will allow us to keep it more than one upgrade I mean it is really about the new customer they will get with overage charges they don’t need to cut off those of us who have unlimited since we have been there for awhile and pay out the ass most of the time.

  6. And they will block ads so you don’t pay for their data usage?

    1. Of course not. That’s up to you to do. Data is data, regardless of what it is used on.

      1. Unless its tethering, then they will charge you more.

    2. Thats what I was thinking. But they would never do that. I think they should also be able to remove all the bloatware verizon sticks on that always is sucking data.

  7. Verizon introducing tiered data plan in the same week as Independence Day feels…very ironic.

  8. I did 127 gigs of 4G last month on my Sprint Overdrive Pro. Verizon can go to hell with those plans.

    1. And if you weren’t in one of the handful of markets that has 4G, you would have paid out your ass….

      1. You mean 77 markets. Have fun watching one Netflix movie a month. Sprint has replaced Comcast for me. Unlimited > Verizon’s bullshit plans for suckers.

        1. I have unlimited=) so I can watch as many movies as I want. But on a 4.3 inch phone I dont see how people can watch movies all the time on such a little screen

          1. I hope you display more imagination in your daily life.

          2. So because I have better things to do than watch movies on a 4.3 inch screen I have no imagination? ok whatever you say pal. smh

        2. Woah, 77 markets. In a year and a half. Yeah, I think that qualifies as a “handful of markets”. Considering, there are hundreds upon hundreds of markets that will never see WiMax(even though it was promised to them). Now, Netflix streams to a tv at .3 gigs an hour (even lower to a phone), so even with a 2 gig cap, one can watch several movies. Furthermore, I am unlimited, so IF I felt the need to not enjoy REAL cable, I could. However, I am not some broke troll, so I will keep my cable, and enjoy my LTE in the 76 markets Verizon has lit up in the 7 months since firing up its network. And, as time progresses, I will be able to enjoy it in even more areas (rather quickly their network expansion is taking place, two weeks until they pass Sprints “77 markets”), up until it covers their entire network(btw, it is twice the size of Sprints 3G network). Now that is something you can not now, nor will EVER be able to claim. Why? Because the “now network” is stuck where it is “now” for some time to come.

          1. You like to pay a company to ram you in the ass. That’s okay. Some of us are smarter.

          2. Really? Lets see, I have 2 carriers that offer coverage. ATT&T, and Verizon. Verizon is cheaper by far without my discount. Now, even IF Sprint had coverage here, and was an option for me, they don’t offer me the discount that Verizon does. Therefore, Sprint would be MORE EXPENSIVE FOR ME. I have 5 Droids, all of wich have insurance. My bill, including insurance AND taxes, is 325/month(65/month/phone). Sprint couldn’t touch that for me. Piss off you ignorant troll.

          3. So you live in an area where people marry their cousins. That explains a lot. Hopefully you get a reach around for your shitty 4G pricing. I like unlimited usage for a flat rate, as it should be.

          4. I have unlimited for a flat rate. Your reading comprehension sucks. And you say I live in an area where people marry their cousins, yet you can’t even comprehend what you read. BTW, now that you have lost with the “unlimited usage”( I have “unlimited usage”), and the “paying out your ass” (for me, Sprint would be MORE EXPENSIVE), what is next?

      2. I have no 4g in my area and I still only pay 80 dollar for unlimited data, unlimited text, and unlimited mobile to mobile, with 400 minutes for land line, nights and weekend start at 7 pm. So how am I paying out of my ass? YOU SIR are a Troll for Verizon just like Rich is for sprint.

        1. Are you using the “Sprint overdrive pro”, wich, btw, has tiered data…

          1. You are a waterhead retard. 4G is always unlimited on Sprint. 

          2. Again, your skills are lacking in the reading comprehension department. He doesn’t live in a 4G market, like a vast majority of Sprint customers. Hence, if he had the “Sprint Overdrive Pro”, he would be tiered, and would be paying out his ass to use 123 gigs like you claim you do. At least learn to read before you start calling people a “waterhead retard”. It really makes you look like an idiot.

  9. First ATT, now Verizon. Looks like Sprint is going to be the only one left with an unlimited option… but for how long?

  10. Wow, prices in America are crazy. I pay 4€, that’s 5,7$ per GB here in Austria, but only if I use it. If I have no traffic one month I don’t pay anything. Tethering is also no problem.

  11. dont forget to keep your wifi on when needed

  12. Instead of complaining or congratulating Verizon here, send them an e-mail, let them know what your thinking. They did not spend Billions of their own money to expand, the got corporate Welfare from the Government, that’s right our own tax dollars. So don’t stop at e-mailing Verizon, your elected officials, Congressmen and Senators need to hear what a great job they are doing in giving Billions away to corporations, that help pay for their campaign’s…

    FCC needs to hear how we are going to fleeced like sheep, last resort drop Verizon like a rock and go a competitor, that will get their attention where it counts right in wallet. If enough people do this watch how the robber baron’s back down, Remember HTC and the we will not lock bootloaders all happened from pressure applied from users of their devices..

    Don’t give up just learn to fight the corporate way….

  13. I read where they may offer a family shared data plan. If they offer a family share plan I would be saving a lot of money. My wife and I both pay the $30 a month each for unlimited data and we don’t even use 1 GB a month together. I did a 6 month average and together we only used around 650 MB a month. With a family share plan, both my kids could get a smart phone too instead of those POS featured phones. We don’t use a lot of data because when we are home we are using Wi-Fi. I actually live in the ONE area in my town where Verizon doesn’t have good service so I have to use Wi-Fi at home. When we’re not at home we mostly just get on facebook and an occasional web page, neither of which use a lot of data. So for me, a $30 family shared data plan would be great.

    1. A family data plan would be AWESOME – if it wasn’t Verizon or AT&T implementing it.  After dealing with Verizon for the last 6 years, I expect the family data plan to go something like: $50 for 2 GB for the first line, then $10 for each additional line that is sharing the data.  Why – just because they can.

  14. you all are asholes get grow up and stop fuking arguing

  15. hah wow. what a putrid atmosphere of trolling there is in this thread. Everyone calling eachother names just to try and one-up eachother. Quite the community here at phandroid……

  16. Time to go to Sprint……………Verizon also did away with the one year plan……I’ve been a subscriber for at least 15 years and come Sept. i’m going to Sprint…

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