Blast From The Past: Classic X-Men Arcade In the Android Market


Its 1992. Boyz II Men were at the top of their game, Ross Perot just announced his candidacy for President of the US, Home Alone 2 dominated the box office and I was getting over my break-up with Kathryn Johnson by playing X-Men at my local arcade.


I was super jazzed when the classic X-Men arcade game from Konami came out for Xbox Live and PSN but somehow it flew under my radar and was released for the Android Market without my knowing. While I’m sure most of you wont be taken back to your childhood and probably have no idea who the Dazzler is (she’s deadly with rainbow light sparkles), there’s still some fun to be had. Konami used to be the king of side scrolling brawlers and X-Men is no different. There’s just something so soothing about button mashing to classic 16-bit hand drawn sprites in your mother’s basement but I digress. And with only between 1,000 and 5,000 installs on X-Men in the Android Market, this needs to change. Now.

So jump onto the Android Market and download the classic X-Men arcade game from Konami and start kicking some Sentinel butt. Wait- before you do, who’s your favorite X-Men character and why? Comment below.

[Market Link for X-Men]

Chris Chavez
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  1. Ho. Ly. Shit! I’m getting this! This game brings back memories.

    1. Too bad they did a shit job of implementing the controls. It’s barely playable.

  2. This was my favorite cartoon

    1. Haha! You mean the one that came on Saturday mornings and replaced the Dazzler with Jubilee? Great cartoon. Gambit was always my favorite X-man :D

  3. *boner*

  4. Dude, this is so kick ass! I don’t remember very much about the cartoon, but cyclops is definitely the best. Whatever he looks basically disappears. From the movies my favorite was Darwin from first class, and wolverine was pretty damn raw too

    1. Yeah, Wolverine is most people’s favorite. I always thought Night Crawler’s power would be super handy in everyday life. Of course, I would probably be a morbidly obese Nightcrawler getting no exercise =p

      1. Lmao I can see you with a blue face teleporting back and forth from the fridge and your couch. That would be the life xD

        1. My teleports would both sound and smell like farts o_O *BAMF*


  6. OMIGAWD!!! X-Men game is on android now???!!! Yes, this game kicks royal ass!!! Wolverine is my most favourite character, no doubt about it! Adamantium rocks!

    I last played Marvel vs Capcom on the original Xbox years ago and that brought out the entire universe of X-Men and Capcom heroes and villains. Gosh, this certainly brings back sweet sweet memories! Thanks for the heads up, Chris. Yo da man!!! To the Android Market now!

  7. My favorite is Gambit, too. Too bad they f*cked him up in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Then again, that whole movie was fail

    1. Yeah, I don’t like to talk about it….. hahahhaha

  8. YES!
    FYI: Only $1.49 (compared to 2.99) at the Amazon App Store. 

    1. F*ck the amazon appstore

      1. I only use the appstore for free app of the day option.  Otherwise why pay more money for the same, less expensive apps on the Market.

  9. Ah nostalgia! I can’t count the number of quarters I pumped into the arcade version of this. For what its worth though Colossus is still my favorite X-man…. shame he always gets such poor billing. 

  10. Loved this game, brings back memories.

    On a side note, who dumped who?

    1. Kathryn dumped me. =/

      But only because I got with her best friend Nikkol. (Kids can be so cruel) >.<

  11. Welcome to Die!

  12. Wolverine. Wasnt that everyones favorite back in the days?

  13. best this in nathans in like 97 took 3 of us lol 

  14. Xperia Play optimized?

    1. nope :(

      bought it for $1.49 anyway

  15. Iceman’s my favorite, especially since they’ve gradually expanded his abilities.  But, as someone who travels for work, I would *KILL* (literally, murder someone) to have Nightcrawler’s power with a longer range.

  16. Juggernaught Is the best character. An unstoppable force not to be messed with.

    1. My favorite villain was always Venom. Still love him =)

  17. Nobody has mentioned Deadpool? WTF is wrong with you people? I know the movie totally screwed everything up, but he’s still the most awesome character ever.

    1. Deadpool didn’t join the X-Men until 2009.

    2. HAHA! Oh yeah.. forgot about that guy…….

  18. Is this a US only game? i’m unable to download this from Sydney Australia! :(

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