Jun 21st, 2011

Welcome to the future, guys. Where mobile devices are beginning to blur the lines between smartphones and little mini computers. According to this new report from cloud networking provider Meraki, there are more mobile devices connected to WiFi networks than there are computers. This doesn’t really surprise me, seeing how it seems like just about everyone owns a WiFi connected cell phone and even more people are looking towards tablets instead of the more traditional laptop or netbook.

What I found equally as interesting is how the iPhone took up a large chunk of the WiFi connected devices (32%) followed by Android devices (11%) in 2011. That’s really strange seeing how Android has been dominating the market share. But I suppose someone could argue that it could have something to do with the fact that the majority of iPhones sold were on AT&T’s poor network, forcing users to opt for WiFi whenever they can (zing!).

iPad users were also consuming the most data at 200MB more than Android, iPhone and iPod users. Some of that could be attributed to the fact that iPad’s are more or less sold as netbook alternatives and the majority of them sold are WiFi only versions. And I’m sure this number will change once the flood of Android tablets hits later this year.

[Via GigaOM]