TiVo Coming to Android, Hints Magazine Ad


CE Pro Magazine, a publication geared towards those in the custom electronics industry, ran a fullpage ad in its most recent issue that hints at future plans for TiVo on mobile devices. The DVR service already has an iPad app, but the magazine spread states that versions are in development for “the iPhone and Android OS products.” Whether this hints at a tablet application, one for Android smartphones, or both is left open-ended.

Still, the hint comes as little more than confirmation of what we might have assumed all along — no time frame is specified for when Android might get its own tast of TiVo. New services could range from as simple as a TiVo remote for your smartphone to a full-fledged video streaming app for gaining access to content when away from home.

[via Electronista]

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  1. I love how no one cared about TiVo enough to comment about it lol

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