Jun 17th, 2011

Looks like Sony Ericsson’s dialing in the next generation of Xperia products, if this blurrycam wonder is to be believed. It’s apparently the Sony Ericsson Xperia Duo, a name suggesting this phone will be a dual-core beast. The bezel here is ultra slim and takes a different approach to design compared to Sony Ericsson’s Q1/Q2 lineup.

It’s a largish device, at that, looking like it could be a 4.3 inch monster. And there’s a front-facing camera, in case you couldn’t tell. It’d be a welcome addition from Sony Ericsson who is changing public opinion of them as each day goes by, but the inability to get half of their lineup for first half of 2011 out is worrisome – how do we know this one will even see the light of day? We’ll remain positive, though, because we want to get our hands on this thing sooner or later. [PocketNow]

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