Gingerbread for the Epic 4G Coming Along With Latest Leak [EF02]


Another leak has graced our interwebz, folks. This time, the Epic 4G is fighting to be the first US Galaxy S phone to be stepped up to Android 2.3. Sprint and Samsung are hammering away at the build and things seem to be falling into place. After the first leak was buggy to no end, another one came along and most of it was stable for everyday use. Today, yet another is headed our way – EF02.tar. And we’re hearing this isn’t even the latest and greatest out of the Samsung camp. Regardless, the build is in the hands of XDA and you know they’ll soon be doing some magical things with it. Follow along at XDA here, if you’d like. [Thanks Chad!]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Pay no attention to the fact that the htc EVO 4G got it’s Gingerbread last month. Move along…

    Samsung excuse makers in 3, 2, 1…

    1. Why does that even matter?

    2. And the Nexus S shipped with Gingerbread?  What exactly is the point you are trying to make?  I think it is fantastic 2.3 is coming to the EPIC, only months after the Froyo update.  I guess Samsung is trying to shake the whole “we don’t update our Android phones” reputation that they had earned up until this point.

  2. Um the official Evo 2.3 update just happened this month.  I have the Evo, and I have the Epic. So shut your hole cause you have no idea what you’re talking about.

  3. where’s the vibrants!!!!

  4. Dude, Uniteus: Wah. The fact that it’s being worked on at all is amazing, and the fact that they’re getting close is as well. So what if it’s not out at the same time as the EVO. It’s still coming, and I’ve been able to run the leaked, fully functional 2.3.3 since before the EVO had it out. So who really cares that it isn’t out from Sprint yet? You think these things happen just because you want them to? It’s obviously not going to be the torture that the Froyo build was, so what’s your whining going to get you? If you’re bitter, go put the leaked version on and STFU. 

  5. Froyo just came out for the Epic. I find this hilarious.

    1. It did not ‘just’ come out; it’s been out for over two months. GET OUT. God damn. It’s cool that you find this ‘hilarious’. Just, if you’re going to be a prick and post comments in an ill regard, why even bother? Why the hell do you even read the post? Why not just scroll past it? FFS. People like you fucking irritate the fuck out of me. Yes, my comment is pretty much pointless and an opinion. No need to for anyone else to state so. Froyo has been out for the Epic for quite some time, I’ve been itching to get an OTA Gingerbread update, and I don’t have any issues with Froyo, I just like Gingerbeard’s styling. :P Surprising none the less, I didn’t figure this update would be coming along until around August or Mid-September. And I don’t wish to ROOT and flash a custom ROM.

  6. Love the trolling EVO owners

  7. Who cares what evo gets the screen sucks on it compared to super amoled. I would hate to look at that on a daily basis.

  8. I have an Epic, and EF02 is great. In fact, smoother than our FroYo update. GPS works finally, rotating the screen is better than it’s ever been, keyboard lag is still a little there but as good as it was on Eclair. Kudos to Samsung and Sprint for finally getting it right.

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