Google Maps Gets Minor Update to Version 5.6.0


Simply love that slice of pizza you picked up at that greasy shack downtown and need the world to know you think it’s the best you have ever had? Then you might actually find some use in the small update to Google Maps for Android, which sees the version number rise to 5.6.0. A new “Best Ever” rating is now available, as well as other awards that can be added to a businesses Places page. Other than that, don’t expect much when you pull the update down to you phone.

[via AndroidCentral]

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  1. this is 1 of the reasons I switch from iOS to Android.

  2. Oh yes! Quick let me rate something as best ever! Because the whole world really gives a damn. 

    1. Actually, I do care about customer reviews when I’m in unfamiliar territory.  They allowed me to plan and execute an AWESOME weekend with the girl just last month.

      And when I say AWESOME, I’ll let your mind drift to the reasonable conclusions…

      1. are we talking about a “girl”, if so, thanks for the mental image….

      2. anal!

  3. installed, uninstalled , reinstalled. Nothing but force close errors for me. Went back to the old version and works fine.

  4. Actually; this “Like” or “Best Ever” stuff Google is doing is Huge; more for them than for users.  For users we get some mildly interesting info / opinions on places.  Google however gets a wealth of information on what you like, and what people like you like.  Guess what that does to advertising?

    1. For evidence of this;  Remember the day you and a friend could type the same phrase in Google and get the same results?  Never again.

  5. they also aded a traffic widget

    1. had a look at that – uh.. how does that work?

      1. name it “work” put your work adress in it. and it constantly calculates the time it will take to get from where you are, to your work adress.. it adjusts for traffic scenarios and distance from where ever you are.. its kind of cool

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