Angry Birds Gets Mine and Dine Update, 15 New Levels


WIth so many versions of Angry Birds running around the Android Market, sometimes it’s hard to keep up. Rovio just updated their Rio version of the game with a slew of Carnival-themed levels, and now the original is getting its own slew of new bird-flinging action. This time the pigs have dragged the eggs underground, and the cast of PO’d birds has followed in pursuit. 15 new levels come as part of the update to keep you plenty busy on your quest towards three-star perfection.

Android Market Link: Angry Birds

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  1. Nobody cares anymore.

    1. Yes we do.

    2. did you really just say that?

    3. What he meant was, nobody cares what his opinion is anymore. 

      I can only assume that to be the case since he’s clearly not authorized to speak on behalf of the entire user community, and as such could only possibly be referring to himself.

  2. Good gawd. I haven’t even beaten the first chapter on Rio yet o_O

  3. Cant we get a break? So we can maybe beat the levels before new ones come out?

  4. How many effing updates can Rovio possibly come up with for this game? Geez, they’re beginning to look like Adobe when it comes to updates. XD

  5. Weird gps and sd permissions on new update…

  6. Even i wonder that which is the latest version of the fantastic game- Angry birds

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